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Anti Microbial Dust Mask Adult


Washable Antimicrobial Mask Helps to protect against Allergens, Pollen, Dust, Mold Spores, Respiratory Infections, Germs from sneezes & coughs. Lab tested effective @ 1.0 microns helps to filter pollens (6.0+ microns), dust (1.0+ microns), many types of bacteria (.35+ microns),...


Washable Antimicrobial Mask Helps to protect against Allergens, Pollen, Dust, Mold Spores, Respiratory Infections, Germs from sneezes & coughs. Lab tested effective @ 1.0 microns helps to filter pollens (6.0+ microns), dust (1.0+ microns), many types of bacteria (.35+ microns), airborne germs from coughs & sneezes (4.0+ microns), pet dander (1.0+ microns), and mold spores (1.0+ microns). Image shows blue, but may be either beige or blue.
• Filter down to 1.0 microns and help to protect against pollen (6.0+ microns), mold spores (1.0+ microns), pet hair & dander (1.0+ microns), dust (1.0+ microns), bacteria (.35+ microns) and airborne effluents from sneezes & coughs that can contain cold and flu germs (4.0+microns). A 1.0 micron Latex Particle Challenge (PFE) testing revealed a 61% efficiency as tested by Nelson Labs
• Treated with the hospital safe, non-leaching, non-allergenic AEGIS® antimicrobial that kills germs and lasts for the life of the mask
• Plastic encased, stitched-in, Coneg Certified padded nose form to help “seal” the mask and prevent fogging of glasses
• Hydrophobic/ hydrophilic lining that wicks and repels moisture away from the face
• Non-latex elasticized sides to help assure a flexible good fit
• Soft fabric ear-loops with an adjustable slide to provide a custom, comfort fit (no elastic cutting into your ears)
• Washable – depending upon use, can last as long as your favorite t-shirt
• Mask are a nylon/polyester/cotton blend.
• Suitable for persons with latex allergies
• Proudly Manufactured in the USA
Care and Fit
For “first time mask users” who have not previously worn an mask, it is important to realize that no mask is as comfortable as wearing nothing at all. It takes a while to adjust to having something constantly touching your face. Secondly, as air is restricted, the environment inside the mask becomes warmer. Most masks fill with moisture, become unbearably hot and can only be tolerated for short periods of time. The Breathe Healthy antibacterial, washable mask with its Hi-tech Hydrophobic/ Hydrophilic lining material (wicks and repels moisture) along with its softness, is far more comfortable than most. In fact, many of our customers consider our masks the most comfortable and practical ones available.
Position the mask on your face, making sure the nose form is on the top edge. When centered, press the nose form against your nose for a snug fit and to eliminate fogging of glasses. This works best by placing the nose form down the bridge of your nose towards the tip (not up near the eyes). Next, adjust each ear loop slide to a comfort position followed by a “fine tune” adjustment of the top and bottom of the loop. When you breathe in and the mask fabric “sucks in”, you know you have a snug fit. You may wish to have someone mark the ear loops behind each slide once you achieve a snug fit. Many of our users then “knot” the ear loops on the marks just behind the slide to “lock in” your fit.
It is recommended that our masks be hand washed using a non-allergenic laundry detergent (not dish washing detergent as many contain natural or synthetic bleach that can fade the mask and possibly negate the anti-microbial defense). Should you elect to wash the mask in a washing machine, care should be taken as the “slamming” of the mask against the metal sides may damage the slides. It is therefore recommended that the mask be placed in a pillow case or delicate bag when electing to wash by machine. Allow to air dry as the dryer heat will cause the mask to shrink over a period of time, and “slamming” the heated slides of the mask against the wall of the dryer will cause the adjustable slides to break). Regarding our cold weather reversible fleece masks, also hand wash with a non-allergenic laundry detergent and allow to air dry.
How often should they be washed? That question depends on the frequency of use, type of use, and personal preference of the mask wearer. Dust masks used for long periods of time in very dusty environments may need to be washed daily. On the other hand, if the mask is used occasionally, and you dont see any accumulation of dust/debris on the liner, it may only require washing every month or so.

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2.75 out of 5 stars
4 Reviews
  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Great Dust Mask

    These are wonderful! The mask is very comfortable, works well and best of all they are washable.

  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    A wise investment

    I use the mask when I am turning pens… exotic woods, acrylics, anything that gives off a lot of dust. I find it to be a great benefit… especially at the end of the project and I am not sneezing. Great product. Highly recommended.

  3. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    do not work

    leaks at the bridge of the nose. Tried using it for turning,

  4. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    by on


    This product is useless for woodworking. It might filter down to 1 micron but if you can't get it to seal around your face there will be too many leaks. It won't seal tight enough around the nose so there is plenty of area for large dust particles to enter. It also bunches around the cheeks when tightened leaving more area for leaks. So even though the material itself may filter well, the leaks make it pretty much useless in catching small dust particles.

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