Spoon Carving

Carve Out a Little Happiness

Carving a wooden spoon is an incredibly popular project for woodworkers of all skill levels and ages. Plus, it's so darned fun! Taking a wooden spoon blank, then shaping it slowly, the bowl, the handle, sanding it, and then giving it a lovely finish, is a wonderfully simple and tactile project. 

Plus, once you've done one- why not do another, or another? They make great long-lasting kitchen utensils, and great gifts! Here are some of the key items you'll need for your spoon carving project. 

Spoon Carving Resources

In this video, Anne Briggs, better known online as Anne of All Trades, demonstrates her start to finish process for carving a wooden spoon. She details selecting the right type of wood or a good blank, the tools she likes and uses, and provides loads of tips about the steps to take, carving techniques, considering the grain of your stock, and much more! 

How to Carve a Wooden Spoon - Video by Anne of All Trades

This is an example of a more advanced technique of spoon carving–making a traditional "Welsh Love Spoon." These intricate and beautifully carved spoons have been used by Welsh men for centuries to impress potential and existing girlfriends and wives. 

Written by Jim Harrold, this article includes step-by-step instructions, carving notes and a template from noted Welsh spoon carver Chris Watkins.

Carve a Tradition-Rich Welsh Love Spoon – by Jim Harrold with Love Spoon Carver Chris Watkins

Note: The Welsh Love Spoon Template mentioned in the article is available in Issue 21 of Woodcraft Magazine.

A spoon mule is a workshop tool that include foot controls, and a clamping mechanism to hold a wooden blank–as it is being carved into a spoon or some similar utensil. The clamping system allows for the carver to safely use larger tools, such as spokeshaves and other carving tools, with both hands as the spoon blank is held firmly in place.