The Fix with Jory Brigham


Everyone makes the occasional mistake. And sometimes, no matter how skilled the craftsperson, wood just doesn't want to cooperate. Furniture maker Jory Brigham is no stranger to fixing problems that pop up while woodworking. Whether it's a gap, a bubble, a dent, or exposed Dominos . . . Jory's new series THE FIX has answers to some common problems and how he fixes them in his shop. 


THE FIX: Restoring a Dent

THE FIX: Closing a Miter Gap

THE FIX: Mind the Gap w/a Sliver

THE FIX: Using a Patch

THE FIX: Exposed Dominos

Making a Handcrafted Chair with Jory Brigham

The Project: Build a Unique Handcrafted Chair

In the videos below, you'll be able to follow along as master furniture maker Jory Brigham takes us from the planning stages to finished piece. Along the way Jory will provide tips and insights on a variety of topics including: design, templates, lumber selection, construction, assembly and finishing.

We encourage you to try building your own version of this beautiful piece!

The Video:

Watch as Jory Brigham creates a beautiful walnut bar height chair. This video features the entire project from beginning to end. If you'd like to see how Jory does it, the videos below will take a deeper dive into its creation, and a closer look at Jory's methods. Enjoy!

You can also watch this entire series on our YouTube channel.












About Jory:

Growing up among generations of woodworkers and craftsmen, Jory Brigham discovered his own creative voice at an early age.  Built on top of a philosophy that opts for hand tools and raw materials over a more industrial, mechanized approach, each piece that Jory designs gives credence to this classic approach and it’s because of this approach that no two pieces can be exactly identical.

Jory’s craft displays his patience and restraint as much as his creative license.  A perfect piece of wood may lay idle for weeks as Jory meditates on the shape and form of the material, sometimes making a single cut at a time while waiting for the vision to come to him.  “In my approach, I allow the material to dictate what the outcome of any particular piece of furniture will be.  I don’t want to ruin a piece by putting too heavy of a hand on it.  You’re going to get something with a lot of personality and soul.”

Learn more about Jory and his work by visiting his Website.

Or better yet! Check out where you can take one of Jory's limited furniture building workshops at his shop on California's Central Coast.

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