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A Versatile Tool for Your Workshop

Out of all the power tools available today, the bandsaw may be the most versatile player in anyone's woodshop. Many woodworkers can attest to this versatility and the bandsaw's ability to handle multiple tasks, and find it an essential part of their  creative workflow. It can rip, resaw, crosscut, and execute all kinds of curved work, including cabriole legs, circles, arcs, and serpentine drawer fronts.  

Fine Work, Rough Work–It Just Works

Despite its simple appearance, the bandsaw is a precision instrument. Outfitted with an appropriate blade, it can chew through thick stock to rough-out parts, fine-saw joinery like tenons and dovetails, and even do detailed scrollwork. Whether you own a giant with 20" diameter wheels or a 9" benchtop, it requires periodic maintenance to cut as well as it should.

Please take advantage of the products, articles and videos below, to help you choose one to buy, or get the most out of your bandsaw!

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