Top 15 Paint Colors for Furniture

Updating furniture and cabinets with a fresh, new color has never been easier with the variety of paints on the market today. Here are my personal Top 15 colors that really make a statement to create something beautiful for every home. 

1. Coastal Blue

Some decorators are calling navy the new black. Coastal décor is always popular, and the deep navy color of General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint ties beautifully to traditional as well as modern color palettes. 

2. Roanoke Rain

Another member of the blue family, Roanoke Rain Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is a softer shade that gives your furniture some color without being too showy. 

3. Linen    

A soft, buttery cream, General Finishes Linen Milk Paint is the perfect color when you don’t want plain white but you still want to keep it subtle. 

4. Galvanized

Grays are everywhere right now, so Galvanized Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is an on-trend fan favorite. This smoky neutral is a striking silvery gray. 

5. Snow White

Farmhouse style décor would not be complete without a beautiful distressed white for cabinets, furniture, shiplap and more. General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint fits the bill with style. 

6. Driftwood

A deeper, bluer gray, General Finished Driftwood Milk Paint is a great compromise when you want a dark color other than black. It’s sort of a misty charcoal that is fresh, yet timeless

7. Barn Red  

Reds can be tricky, but Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Barn Red gives you that deep, rich color without being too overpowering in a room. 

8. Basil    

Taking a cue from nature, General Finishes Basil Milk Paint brings in a touch of the outdoors for an ideal soft, pleasing shade of green. 

9. Lamp Black/Black Dog    

General Finishes Lamp Black and Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in Black Dog are two must-have colors when you want dark and dramatic. Versatile black works well with contemporary décor just as easily as shabby chic. 

10. Dog Bone    

Clever name aside, Black Dog Salvage’s Dog Bone is a taupey neutral that would look beautiful in any home and coordinate with virtually any decor. 

11. Appalachian Sunset

Appalachian Sunset by Black Dog Salvage is what I would call a “soft red” that veers slightly on the salmon side. This gorgeous color will make your project the star of the show. 

12. Millstone

Millstone from General Finishes is a neutral with some kick – not quite taupe, not quite cream – that is a lovely complement in any color scheme. 

13. Patinio Greenio

When you really want a show-stopper, Black Dog Salvage Patinio Greenio will bring a pop of color that commands attention. Looks like a tasty green apple! 

14. Blush Pink

For a really soft pink, Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Blush Pink is a gorgeous shade that gives a stylish hint of color that is adaptable in virtually any décor. 

15. Star City Sunshine

When you want to go with something bright and cheery, reach for Black Dog Salvage’s Star City Sunshine–a fun, lemony yellow color that will definitely give an accent piece a real punch!

In addition to my Top 15, I keep Black Dog Salvage’s pure black (Black Dog) and pure white (Clean Canvas) on hand to mix to get darker shades and lighter tints of their paint colors for an endless array of possibilities. 

You can also create decorative finishes over top of paint with specialty products like two of my favorites—General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze and General Finishes Pearl Effects in Champagne Pearl.  

Remember, colors on screen may appear slightly different than they do in person. So stop by your local Woodcraft store to view your favorites and let our associates help you with your next painting project. 

We hope you'll be inspired!

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