Rock-Steady Flush Trim Support

for years, i have been trying to balance my router on  its edge to trim the hardwood edge banding attached to plywood. I’ve also tried using the router in a table, but found it difficult to hold the board vertical. To solve the problem, I simply attached a guide to the top of my fence.

Make the guide from any shop scrap, cut to a size that’s easily mountable to the top of your router table’s fence. Cut the guide on one side so it comes to a slightly rounded point. Attach it to the fence with screws, and adjust the fence so the pointed tip of the guide block aligns exactly with the bearing on a flush-trim bit mounted in your router. (Use a square to be certain the bearing and guide block are aligned vertically.)

Hold the workpiece to be trimmed against the cutter bearing and fence guide, and you’ll get a perfect trim every time. For additional control and support, start the trim cut with the trailing edge of the workpiece against the infeed side of the router fence for three-point support, then as you pass the center, angle the workpiece so that the leading edge is against the outfeed side of the fence.
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