Incra Wonderfence Presented by Woodcraft

The Wonder Fence by Incra is a heavy-duty, one-fence solution designed for all your routing operations, shaping, edge-forming and precision joinery. 

When your work demands the utmost in accuracy, Incra has gone the extra mile with this tool. The split fence halves and base fence are machined flat to insure a perfect woodworking surface. You won't find a warp, bend or bow in these Incra fences. The offset adjustment wedges have literally been machined from solid blocks of aluminum to insure precise offset adjustability. Setting up for split-fence operations has never been easier or more accurate. 
The Wonder Fence is available as a stand-alone general purpose routing fence or as an upgrade to your existing Incra LS Positioner and Incra Jig Ultra. 
Innovative Features of the Wonder Fence:
•Heavy-duty precision machined aluminum split fence,wedges and base fence
•Infeed and outfeed fences are independently adjustable in 2/1000" steps over 1/8" range
•Laser engraved offset scale
•Each offset mechanism has it's own cursor and scale marked off in 2/1000" increments
•Lock-down offset permits gap adjustment
•Adjustable fence gap width to 4 1/2"
•Hi-Rise Raised Panel Cap for vertical panel raising
•Built-in dust collection port with attachment elbow fits industry standard hoses
•Attaches to the INCRA TS-III Table Saw Fence, the INCRA LS Positioner and INCRA Jig Ultra or mounts directly to a router table as a free-standing fence (clamps included)
•All aluminum construction and fully assembled
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