Check out the SKIL 10A Router

This is an awesome little router from SKIL. I was very impressed with my initial testing and can't wait to use it more.

  • 10 AMP FIXED BASE ROUTER TOOL—Powerful 10 Amp, 2.0 HP motor provides smooth and accurate routing from start to finish.
  • SOFT START—Provides a safe and controlled start to routing.
  • SPEED CONTROL—Lets you adjust speed based on the material.
  • LIVE TOOL INDICATOR—Stay safe and alert with an indicator that lights up when the router is connected to power.
  • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC—Die-cast motor housing and shaped handles provide superior grip and control.
  • FAST AND ACCURATE SET-UP—Three coarse depth settings with micro-depth adjustment makes fast and accurate depth adjustments.
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