Put Glue Materials Within Easy Reach

For small glue jobs, I made this handy support to store my glue, glue brushes, and water. Storing the bottle upside down ensures that the glue is always ready at the first squeeze.

The scrapwood project requires two ¾ x 4 x 9" blocks and one ¾ x 4 x 4½ " piece. To make a 25/8" hole for the spray paint lid water reservoir, I used my scrollsaw and cleaned up the cut with my spindle sander. After gluing the blocks together, I made the two-step hole for the glue. Drill a 1¾"-dia. x 3/4"-deep hole through the top board, and second 1"-dia. x 1¼"-deep hole through the middle and into the bottom block. Finally, I made two  3/8" -dia. x ¾"-deep holes for the glue brushes. Now my glue, glue brushes, and water are all at my fingertips.

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