Another Twist on Glue Bottles

For easy glue storage and application,         I use a bottle with a slanted snout. Bottles like this one are available at women’s beauty supply stores for about $1. The design allows the bottle to be held in a horizontal position that’s comfortable to the hand and keeps the bottle out of your line of sight to the glue.  The snout’s tip allows very accurate placement of the glue bead on the wood.

     The snouts can be cut back to provide various thicknesses for the glue bead. Sometimes, you want a lot of glue; other times, a little. The caps to seal the bottle are electrician’s twist caps that come in many diameters to fit various snout tip sizes. I have used these bottles for three years and their contents have never dried out.

     As for cleaning, very little glue builds up on the snout’s tip during application because the tip is in direct contact with the wood. I always have a damp cloth when gluing, so I use it to clean what little glue gets on the tip.   

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