Woodcraft Gals Join Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build

For the first time in 15 years, the Wood County Habitat for Humanity in Parkersburg, West Virginia, home of Woodcraft corporate headquarters, sponsored a Women Build Day.

I was honored to volunteer for this great cause, and I was accompanied by Connie Harmon, Woodcraft’s Franchise Compliance Manager, for a day of hard work and fellowship. We toiled alongside 40 other ladies to assist with the building of two homes in Parkersburg on Saturday, June 13, 2015. 

The Habitat mission believes that all people deserve a simple, decent, affordable place to live. You may not realize that Habitat houses are not given to recipients for free — selection is based on need, the ability to pay for a home (at no interest) and manage financial resources, as well as a willingness to partner with Habitat to provide for other families in need. Homeowners must also put in so much “sweat equity” for their own home as well as new homes being built for others.

Lisa Collins, resource development coordinator with Wood County Habitat, helped organize the event in order to raise awareness and recruit volunteers. “There is an absence of women on the build sites, and I know there are a lot of women who have building skills and those who would like to learn,” Lisa said.

Connie worked on a previous Habitat build many years ago with Woodcraft and was up for the challenge when I approached her to join me. “I couldn’t believe how much we were able to do,” Connie said.  “I assumed with no real construction experience, we couldn’t be of much help.”

Armed with safety glassesear plugs and work gloves, and wearing our pink Women Build shirts, Connie and I lifted and secured walls and other tasks as advised by the site’s construction managers.

Despite early morning rain delays, the ladies in pink were able to complete the siding on one house and raise the walls on the other, which was the day’s goal.

Many of us were inexperienced, but the gals on hand were using framing nailersreciprocating saws and cordless caulking guns like pros in no time at all.

Lisa summed up the event by saying, “The Women Build was such a great opportunity to bring together people who genuinely wanted to help in our mission to eliminate substandard housing.”

Continuing, Lisa remarked, “The women worked so hard all day, formed new friendships, and brought a different kind of nurturing energy to the worksite.”

She also noted, “All the regular volunteer guys agreed that it would be helpful to have more women working on Habitat houses. We hope to see that result in the future.”

Connie and I both agree it was a great experience, and we would definitely do it again!

To see more on the Women Build Day, check out our local Habitat’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/woodcountyhabitator watch the fun video below!


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