Warm Box for Chilly Glue-Ups

During cold weather, it’s impractical to heat my whole 

shop so that a glued-up project can cure properly.
Instead, I made a “warm box” using inexpensive,
12"-thick rigid foam insulation panels (a 4 × 8' panel costs about $12 at a home center). To heat the box, I use a 150-watt heat lamp, placing it a safe distance from the work and the box walls. Monitor the temperature with a thermometer, shutting off the lamp occasionally if necessary to maintain a temperature between 60-80°.

The panels can be cut and taped together to make a large box. The foil-faced variety can simply be scored on one side and snapped to create several sides of a smaller box. Leave the edge of one wall untaped for access. For the top, simply lay a piece on the box. When not in use, you can store the panels flat.

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