Woodcraft: Your Go-To Headquarters for Resins and a Lot More

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Resin, colorants and sometimes wood and other materials create awesome pieces.

Creative people are discovering the fun in using resin to create turning blanks, item encapsulations, bowls, river tables and more. To meet their project needs, Woodcraft continues to expand its line of resins and related products – and to encourage these makers Woodcraft will be sponsoring a contest in March.

“Woodcraft has assembled an extensive line of urethane and epoxy resins, along with colorants, molds and other products to support resin casting artists,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Working with castings has become such a fun and exciting way to enhance any woodworking experience.”

Two pages in the March 2021 Woodcraft Catalog feature the new WoodRiver® Silicone Molds and the California Air Tools Pressure Pot. 

According to Product Development Manager Ben Bice, the new WoodRiver® Silicone Casting Molds and the 365CW Pressure Pot make Woodcraft the go-to source for customers who have embraced resin casting and deep pour epoxy in increasing numbers.

“The main reason we added our own line of resin molds was to control the quality and design,” Bice explained. “We improved the design to make the molds more user-friendly by adding pre-rounded corners for easier removal and turning. Silicone was chosen because it is reusable and long lasting if cared for properly.”

Molds are available to make blanks for turning pens, rings, bottle stoppers, utensil handles and other small items, as well as blanks to make knife scales.

For larger resin projects, especially ones that include wood or other materials, pressure is often needed to create a tight, bubble-free casting. To offer customers a high quality product for applying pressure, Bice said, “Woodcraft reached out to California Air Tools. The vendor designed and built the 365CW Pressure Pot for resin casting exclusively for Woodcraft.  It can accommodate almost any casting project.”


Woodcraft stocks an extensive selection of Alumilite and System Three casting resins, colorants and related products such as mold release, mold putty and scales. Check out these two March Woodcraft Catalog pages, and click here for more information about individual products.

Enter to Win a $250 Woodcraft Gift Card or a Woodcraft Prize Pack

Makers who create with resin are invited to log on to woodcraft.com/pour-to-win from March 1 to 31, 2021, to read about the “Pour to Win” contest and to enter a project made with resin.

Handy Resources for Creating Resin Masterpieces 

To support makers who create with resins, Woodcraft provides helpful how-to blogs and videos. Here are links to some of the materials:

•“Resins for Rookies,” an overview of resins and their uses.

•Using the pressure pot, view this video.

Using the WoodRiver Silicone Casting Molds.

•“DIY Resin Blanks with Alumilite Clear Slow” 

•“Cast Resin Turning” from Woodcraft Magazine.

•Videos from manufacturers are also available with some of the individual resin products on woodcraft.com.


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