Woodcraft Product Spotlight: Festool Expands Versatility with Vecturo & CT Wings

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Two all new Festool products are now available at Woodcraft, making projects safer, easier, faster, and giving you much more flexibility with freedom to work independently.

The Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Multi-Tool

The new Vecturo OS 400 is the ultimate versatile Oscillating Multitool on the market today.  Available in a non-set and set version,  the Vecturo combines limitless functionality and power with exceptional controllability, delivering precise results in the trickiest of places. With industry-first, tool-less Plunge Base and Depth-Stop, the Vecturo stands apart, delivering a level of cutting precision customers can only expect from Festool.  Ergonomic handling and tool-less everything translates to faster, more comfortable work with less downtime.

Versatility—Cut, scrape or score virtually any material, thanks to a wide variety of blades and variable speed.
Controllability—Achieve accurate, to-the-line cuts anywhere in the material, thanks to the optional Plunge Base and slim body design.
Fast and Simple—Power through the most challenging tasks with ease thanks to hassle-free, tool-less base and cutter changes.

If you are attempting any of these type projects with a caveman approach using a hammer, chisel, utility blade, or perhaps tools that are not as sharp or controlling as the Vecturo, then it’s time you did yourself a favor and put this one into your hands.  Demo the Vecturo OS 400 at your local Woodcraft store or take the plunge and order one online.


  • Power: 400 W (3.3 Amps, 120 V AC)
  • Oscillation Frequency: 11,000–18,500 OPM
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.60 kg)
  • Amplitude: (Left/Right) 2.0°/2.0° (4.0° combined)
  • Cable Length: 13” (4m) Plug-It Cord
  • Blade Changing System: FastFix Quick-release lever

Speaking of taking the plunge, The Vecturo OS 400 comes in a set version (Woodcraft item #563007) for $575.00.  It includes the OS 400 Vecturo Oscillating Multi-Tool, Tool less Adapter, Depth-Stop and Plunge Base, Plug-It Cord, Systainer SYS 2, 1 Universal Saw Blade (item #500129), 1 Wood Saw Blade (item #500128), 1 Round Wood Saw Blade (item #500139).

All items in the set and additional blade packs are also sold separately and can be found at this Woodcraft page link.

There are two blade type offerings at Woodcraft for the Vecturo OS 400, HSB and USB.  All Vecturo blades with the designation HSB are designed for wood cutting. These blades feature double-row, Japanese-style teeth for precise cuts and clean edges. These blades are not designed for plunge cuts.  All Vecturo blades with the designation USB are Bimetal Universal Blades and are designed for plunge cuts in hardwood, softwood, or man-made materials, including plastics and plasterboard. These sturdy long lasting blades are built for high cutting speeds.  There are also specialty blade offerings for those window treatment and scraping areas that require the right tool for the right job.

Take it from an actual builder in this video on what the Vecturo OS 400 can do for you.

CT Wings – When You Need an Extra Hand

Utilizing suction from a CT Dust Extractor, the CT Wings (Woodcraft item #500312)provide an additional support for mounting long items to a wall like molding, or holding a straight-edge or level in place for layout marks. With 16 adjustable “wings”, CT Wings adjust and conform to molding and other stock quickly while providing a tacky grip surface to minimize movement. A bypass-valve allows for quick and easy release and reset without going back to the extractor.

DescriptionCT Wings
Item #500 312
Specifications (metric binding)
Maximum Material Thickness2″ (50 mm)
Maximum Load6.6 lbs (3 kg)
Size5″ x 3″ x 2″
(130x80x50 mm)
Weight0.8 lbs (350g)

Click below to see Gary Katz showing us how to get that third helping hand when there is no one else around!

Check out all the Festool products at your local Woodcraft stores or online.

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