Woodcraft Magazine June/July 2013 Issue #53

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June July

In this issue of Woodcraft Magazine,  Tommy MacDonald of Rough Cut becomes a cooper, building this coopered leg table.  A cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels.  A woodstave is a narrow length of wood with a slightly beveled edge to form the sides of barrels, tanks, pipelines, and in this feature, legs for a beautifully built table made from Ambrosia Maple.  Everything a cooper produces is referred to as cooperage.  Tommy recreates this methodology in this issue and in this video from Season 3 of Rough Cut.

From design layout to assembly, you can learn how to build this table inclusive of  the cut list and buying guide to help you through every step of the project.  Additionally, Tommy covers a topic on butterfly basics to help you save those boards having cracks and splits.  So to stop the crack and save the plank, take the tips from Tommy in this issue, following his 6-step advice.

June July

Another cool project in the June/July issue is this Lathe Dust Collector.  Great for mid- and full-sized lathes, this unit can be attached to the ways with a pair of shop-made clamps.  Contributing woodworker, Bill Sands built one for this article, hooking it up to a dust collector as well as a shop vacuum.  Read the entire article to see the results.  Pictured below taking the collector through it’s paces is Mikey Ellison, who’s favorite turnings are segmented bowls.

June July

Moving along to a summer favorite, the Adirondack chair sitting alone on a deck or in the yard needs a couple of companion pieces to take your relaxation to the next level.  Add a matching table and a footstool with the help of Woodcraft Magazine.  What?  You don’t have an Adirondack chair?  Say no more, we’ve got you covered with this Adirondack chair plan.  Well, come on, what are you waiting for?  Time to hit the shop and get crackin’.  The sooner you make these, the sooner you can get to fishing, swimming, basking in the sun or making another project from Woodcraft Magazine!!

While you’re taking it easy with the summer time blues, and making those summer woodshop projects, keep the kids busy with another edition of our “Tough Enough” wood toy series in this Front-End Loader.  Our first dump truck toy plan was featured in the Feb/Mar 2013 Issue #51 and is now available here.

June July

All that working and relaxation is making me hungry for some Asian food.  Great, I’m out of chopsticks!  Back to the shop to build these and the rests pictured below.

Learn how to make these and much, much more in the June/July Issue #53 of Woodcraft Magazine.  Here’s a little help in getting you started with the chopsticks…

Have fun in your shop with this issue!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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