Woodcraft Magazine Issue 74 December / January 2017

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Special Holiday Issue

Exclusive: Nick Offerman Interview

Flip the switch on this Dynamo Men Lamp and marvel at this tireless crew of two, who seem to be spinning the gears of a dynamo to power the light. We provide patterns for guys and gears, plus instructions for making and assembling all the parts. A wiring diagram is also included.

Sized to support a typical mini lathe, this Compact Lathe Stand includes space for concrete block ballast, adjustable shelves, tool holders, and a large drawer to hold more tools and accessories.

This Flat-Pack Christmas Tree has four sections that radiate from a slender trunk, with screws and keyhole slots used for quick and easy assembly. You’ll have fun decorating, because the boughs are built to hold ornaments and lighting.

What better way to practice your dovetailing technique than to build a beautiful Candle Box like this? Rob Spiece demonstrates how to cut tails with a special bandsaw jig, then complete pin board joinery by combining power and hand-tool work.

Go is an ancient but ever-popular board game you can build as a gift that will keep on giving. The sleek design of this gameboard is inspired by the game’s Oriental origin and includes an attractive base with built-in drawers for holding game pieces.

Designed to ride in the tablesaw’s miter gauge slot, this Tricky Tenoning Jig adjusts to cut different-size tenons with excellent precision. Adjustable flip stops enable you to make duplicate joints without recalibrating.

Get a Smart Start in Woodturning and take advantage of this expert advice to acquire the essential tools and accessories for revolutionary woodworking.

Significantly increase your cutting board capabilities by putting these 5 tips into play. Have more fun, and produce Cut-Above Cutting Boards. 

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  • SH from Chapel Hill
    Unable to find access for "revisions/full pdf Pattern for Dynamo lamp." Please advise
  • FB from Parkersburg
    Here is the PDF link: http://www.woodcraftmagazine.com/pdf/patterns/81/74_fp_Dynamo-Lamp_onlineEXTRA_FINAL_REVISED_11-28.pdf

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