Woodcraft Congratulates Powermatic on 100th Anniversary

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Powermatic, a Woodcraft business partner for many years, is celebrating a major milestone this year – its 100th year in business.

“Woodcraft offers congratulations and best wishes to Powermatic,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “We are sharing the Tennessee-based company’s 100th Anniversary press release here so our customers will know firsthand what Powermatic plans for 2021.”


These four Powermatic 100th Anniversary commemorative machines bearing a gold and black color scheme will be available for purchase in the spring of 2021. From left, 15HH Planer, PWBS-14CS Bandsaw, PM1300TX-CKW Dust Collector, and 54HH Jointer.

La Vergne, TN – It was 1921 when the U.S. formally ended World War I by declaring peace with Germany. In a cross-town rivalry, the New York Giants beat the New York Yankees in the World Series. And in McMinnville, TN, Lumberyard Manager Leonard F. Smith, Sr. designed and built what would become the first Powermatic® planer.

Smith believed that the planer was the solution to providing his lumberyard with an edge over competitors by offering a better product. Once he saw how quickly customers were impressed by the planer’s results, he knew he was on to something. The planer he crafted cleanly cut flat boards of even thickness from rough lumber better than any other tool of the day. As word spread about the innovative planer, Smith filled orders to build four more planers for local woodworkers. Not long afterward, he decided to enter the manufacturing business full-time.

In 1928, Smith moved his shop to a larger facility in town and named the fast-growing business Powermatic Machinery Company. He introduced several other new products, and it wasn’t long until the brand became known as “The Gold Standard.”  It was 26 years later in 1954 that Smith’s sons began managing the business and constructed a 38,000 sq. ft. factory on the outskirts of McMinnville.

Today, Powermatic has joined forces with JET Tools, Wilton Tool Company, Edwards Manufacturing and Baileigh Industrial to form JPW Industries, which is owned by Gamut Capital Management.  The company operates out of its 400,000 sq. ft. facility in La Vergne, TN, which is only 72 miles from their original McMinnville plant.

“At Powermatic, we’re proud of our 100-year track record as a premier builder of woodworking machines,” said Tobias Bridges, Director of Product Management – Woodworking. “We are diligent about applying that experience and expertise to every new product we develop. Product quality, durability and innovation remain paramount in all we do to help woodworkers create and shape their dream projects. Woodworking professionals and hobbyists depend on Powermatic, and it’s that level of reliability and support they expect from “The Gold Standard.”

To commemorate Powermatic’s 100-year celebration, the following stationary tools will have a black and gold stripe paint scheme. Additionally, there will be premiums bundled with every Powermatic commemorative purchase.

The first wave of product will be launching in the spring of 2021, and includes:

  • Powermatic’s 54H Jointer’s helical cutterhead features 40 four-sided indexable carbide knife inserts. Oversized infeed/outfeed tables are mounted on dovetail ways. The PM jointer’s 38" fence has positive stops at 45 and 90º right/left. The infeed table’s fine adjustment lever provides quick setups. The jointer’s 1 hp motor features a non-slip, V-belt drive system for maximum performance. A 4" dust port easily connects to a shop’s dust collection system.
  • The Centennial Powermatic 15HH Planer is a testament to Smith’s legacy. This innovative Powermatic planer’s helical cutting head features 74 razor sharp four-sided, indexable carbide knife inserts that, once installed, require no adjustments. They bear an exceptional finish when compared to conventional knives. Three V-belts provide maximum power from the 3-hp motor. The planer is equipped with a precision ground cast iron table and two large extension wings.
  • Powermatic’s 100 years wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential bandsaw. The PWBS-14CS Bandsaw features a balanced 9-spoke cast iron wheel for seamless blade travel. A Carter™ quill tension release lever makes blade changes quick and easy. The bandsaw’s extra-large two-piece cast iron table – including a tilting 15" x `5" section and fixed 15" x 5" section – combine for an impressive 15" x 20" work surface area.
  • Dust collection in the shop environment has come a long way in the past 100 years. Powermatic’s cutting edge PM1300XT dust collector with the exclusive TurboCone technology improves chip separation to help prevent filter clogs. This dust collector has a capture rate of 98 percent of 2-micron particles. The dust collector also is equipped with a digital timer, which can be set for up to 99 minutes.

The second wave of products will be launching in the fall of 2021, and includes:

  • The new Powermatic PM2820EVS Drill Press is engineered for superior torque and productivity with a gear drive system and electronic variable speed (EVS) motor.  The 20" stationary drill press also features a removable center table with a 45º rotation. Laser crosshairs pinpoint workpiece positioning, Intuitive depth stop and premium fence with adjustable stop round out features. The PM2820EVS Drill Press is intended for multi-material use.
  • The PM1000 evolves from the superior line of PM2000 and PM3000 table saws. It offers many of the same features and benefits of a full-size cabinet saw yet operates at 115V.
    Therefore, the shop or garage doesn’t have to be wired for 230V service. The 10" PM1000 (#1791000KG) features a cast iron tabletop and a 30" maximum rip capacity to the right of the blade. The table saw has heavy-duty front and rear trunnions for stability and rigidity to minimize vibration. 
  • The Gold Standard in woodturning excellence celebrates Powermatic’s 100 years with the 3520C Wood Lathe. A stalwart in the industry, the 3520C provides the most requested lathe features, such as a sliding headstock, electronic variable speed with low/high speed ranges, digital rpm readout, and a self-ejecting laser etched quill.

Other premium features include a movable magnetic control box, adjustable riser blocks for 6" plus height adjustment, and formidable cast iron construction to dampen vibration.

Be on the lookout for more details as Powermatic rolls out its 100-year Anniversary.

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About JPW Industries, Inc.

Headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee, JPW Industries, Inc. ® manufactures and markets a wide range of machinery and equipment under the Powermatic, JET, Wilton, Edwards and Baileigh Industrial brands. In addition to its La Vergne headquarters, the company has operations in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, France, Taiwan, and China. It sells through a vast network of distributor partners worldwide. Visit Powermatic at www.powermatic.com, JET Tools at www.jettools.com, Wilton at www.wiltontools.com, Edwards at www.edwardsironworkers.com or Baileigh Industrial at www.baileigh.com.

For additional information contact:

Mike Mangan, MKM Comm.

Tobias Bridges, Powermatic

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