Top 7 Christmas Gift Plans

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Turn your workshop into Santa’s workshop

Ho, Ho, Ho….. Merry Christmas! With Christmas closing in fast we have some great gift ideas that you can make in your shop. There is something for everyone in the family. So channel your inner elf and get ready to transform your garage into Santa’s workshop with these free plans.

Tree Ornament

1) Turning A Terrific Tree Ornament

From the first time I started to turn wood in high school shop class, I’ve been fascinated with polychromatic turning. Instead of turning a blank cut from a single log, my preference is to glue up a variety of geometric shapes, using different wood species and strips of veneer. The result is a multicolored blank that can be turned into an object of unique beauty.

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Flat Pack Christmas Tree

2) Flat Pack Christmas Tree

In many homes, the Holiday Season includes an evergreen tree that serves as a well-decorated centerpiece for several weeks of festivities. Families who don’t like to deal with watering a real tree or cleaning sap and pine needles off the floor often replace the real thing with a plastic version. But if you’re a woodworker, there’s a much nicer option. This well-proportioned wooden tree is designed to display all the decorations in your Christmas collection.

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Serving Tray

3) Serving Tray

When some good friends got married recently, I decided to make them a custom serving tray that was certain to stand out among any store-bought gifts. I wanted it to be beautiful, unusual, and built to last. I started with the idea of flared sides, but decided against the compound joinery involved in angling all four sides, so I stuck with two. This led to the idea of extending two shaped sides to accept a pair of spindle-turned handles.

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4) Skateboard!

Today, skateboard decks are laminated from seven layers of hard maple veneer to create a precision deck with complex bends and curves. Still, a vintage pin stripe hardwood cruiser like this is fun to ride and easy to make, even with limited shop space and tools. It’s great for first time riders, urban commuters, or for just getting around the neighborhood.

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Tablet Stand

5) Tabletop Tablet Stand

Dock your tablet in this handsome holder, which you can make with scrapwood. The fold-out back support angles the electronic device for easy viewing while allowing you  to rest the stand on a desk, table, or kitchen countertop. Fold the back support flat to store the stand away.

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6) Bulldozer

Whether pushing sand in the sandbox or blocks across the playroom floor, this mighty mover does it all. A lifting blade allows for easier maneuvering, and the realistic treads lay down tracks just like the real ones. Expect to work with a lot of small parts. That means extra caution is in order. We’ll walk you through the part making and assemblies one step at a time.

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Hunting Knife

7) Cut-Above Hunting Knife

Every successful hunter deserves a respectable knife for skinning, cutting tent line, slicing jerky, and for the countless other tasks that they may encounter in the great outdoors. To have one with an eye grabbing handle that you fashioned in the shop–now that’s special.

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