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NOVA Woodlathe

New for the 2006 season, the well respected and popular DVR gets a design update to the new DVR XP modelCombines the proven technology from the old DVR Model with some great new features.  The DVR XP is the most versatile lathe on the market, able to handle a wide range of work from very small pens to large 29"/740 mm bowls & spindles (using outrigger & bed extension accessories) 

The DVR XP is also the smartest lathe on the market, the ONLY  lathe to feature intelligent computer control that works for the turner to produce optimum turning conditions for your specific projects.


 High Torque Power.  Instant power when you need it.

  Ultra Smooth Cutting.  No belts or pulleys to cause vibration. Gives incredibly smooth results, cutting down on finishing time. 

Plug and Play - easy to use, push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse 

   Safety Sensing - computer control instantly cuts power to the spindle if it senses a chisel dig in, or the spindle lock in operation. 

Power Saving - smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for each particular turning project. 

  Low Maintenance.  Industrial grade electronics.

    Triple Bearing System.  The ultra strong backbone to the powerful motor that allows you to handle large work with confidence. 

   Same popular Nova 3000 features - small space saving footprint, full 360 deg swivel head, extendable bed

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