Marble Maze with Scott Emch

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Marble Race

Tired of the kids playing with cell phones and video games? Sitting in front of the wide screen TV too much? Here’s a change of pace for all ages with a woodshop project to take you away from all of that. It’s fun and can be a new design build every time.

This project may look elementary in it’s final state of use, but it took some design work and engineering by Scott Emch and Brian Renner, Product Manager for Woodcraft to make this wood block marble race track puzzle to function. This track consists of several different designed blocks with, curves, drops, and chutes.

Marble Race

You will find this project information complete with templates, a buying guide, a cut list and much more inside Woodcraft Magazine’s December/January 2011 Issue #44.

Walnut and ash wood were machined into 2″x2″ foundation and other sized blocks. Additionally you can learn to build this tote box from hardwood or baltic birch plywood, and use it as a carry case and foundation for the track.

Marble Race

You will find templates in this magazine issue to create straight and curved tracks for the blocks.

The inside chutes and drops were formed using a drill press with a forstner bit, along with a router and round nose bit for the block details.

Getting the precisely needed angle built into the blocks for consistent marble track speed took some experimenting, but when the correct angle was determined, the angle adjusting vise played an important role in making sure each block was built to the same spec. All blocks were sanded to blend for smooth marble transition from piece to piece and finished with walnut oil, Woodcraft item #146022.

This is a fun project and the results from it are just as amusing, whether you are young, or young at heart.

In this video, you will see just what I’m talking about!

Marble Race

You’re probably thinking it doesn’t take much to amuse these guys but, making the track is just as challenging as playing with it!

Pick up a Woodcraft Magazine Issue #44 today, and build yourself this home-made race track.

Build as many as you can, making the track as large as you desire.
Task yourself with an intriguing puzzle of ramps and jumps to keep the marble going.
Enjoy some simple pleasures not made from plastic!

This makes a great holiday or birthday gift, and for those donations to Toy’s for Tot’s, and many other charitable programs for kids of all ages throughout the year.
Fun for the entire family for generations to come!

So get started in your woodshop today, it’s never too late to bring out the kid in YOU!

Catch us on the next Woodworking Adventure here at Woodcraft!

Thanks for viewing…Frank!

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