LaserPecker 2 Extended Review (Great Gear onlineEXTRA)

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Convenient, affordable laser engraving

LaserPecker 2 (onlineEXTRA extended review)

PRICE: $1000*,
*Use coupon code Woodcraft50 at checkout to get $50 discount for orders over $800 at!

  • 100 × 100 maximum engraving space

  • 600 mm/s engraving speed
  • Capable of fine details and high resolution engraving

  • 360° cylindrical engraving (add-on required)

As an artist, I’ve dabbled in laser engraving a few times throughout the years, primarily in shared maker spaces. Though I’ve wanted to expand my experience, the high price point and space requirements of an engraver always kept me from doing so. Enter the LaserPecker 2 – a portable, desktop-sized engraver! The company offers a few models, but I found the LaserPecker 2 to strike the right balance of price point and versatility for my purposes. I selected the LP2 Suit package, which comes with an electric roller attachment for longer engravings and cylindrical surfaces along with the main engraver.

Within minutes of opening the box, I was set up and engraving my first test piece! The included instructions were straightforward and clear, and the machine itself was a dream to assemble. Adjustments to the height and angle of the laser for different surfaces were easy and include multiple methods for calibration. To make things even easier, the engraver can connect directly to your phone or computer via Bluetooth or via a USB C cable. The free, downloadable app comes with a wide variety of clipart options, an option to upload an image file from your phone, and the ability to create your own simple graphic images. As I designed my own graphics, I did find that I had better control and more robust options when using the computer-based version.

In addition to wood, the LaserPecker 2 will engrave or cut a variety of materials including leather, metal, acrylic, paper, and glass (though clear materials require a few extra steps of preparation). For beginners, the LaserPecker software offers excellent default settings for each material, while allowing for adjustments if you’re looking for a specific result. You can even remove the stand and hold the unit in place with the built in handle as you engrave a vertical surface such as the side of a built –cabinet. While I find myself wishing for a bit more cutting power than the 3 mm maximum, I am highly impressed by the level of detail and speed of this little machine.

Though I was always excited about the ability to engrave on cylindrical surfaces such as glasses, the electric roller provides even more versatility than I originally thought. When stationary, the maximum engraving space is a 100mm square. However, if a flat material is placed on the roller or the roller is attached to the LaserPecker itself, that area expands to a maximum of 2000x100mm. I’d go so far as to call this a “must have” add-on.

Sarah Burton is an entrepreneur/maker based in Allentown, PA. She works in a wide variety of media including wood, leather, and polymer-based resins. Her latest work includes sculpting whimsical carousel horses. You can find her online as Embyr Rose. 


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