How to use the Kreg Foreman Electric Pocket Hole Machine

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Whether you are a professional cabinetmaker or a weekend do-it-yourselfer you will immediately appreciate the great features the Kreg® DB210 Foreman Electric Pocket-Hole Machine has to offer. With one pull of the handle, the motor starts, the workpiece is clamped, and the machine drills perfect pocket holes. The adjustable fence positions the workpiece for precise pocket depth, and a pair of adjustable stops provides repeatable accuracy. 

A powerful motor enables fast drilling, and a quick-change chuck allows for fast bit changes. Plus, the new Foreman is the first Kreg pocket-hole machine that can create all three types of Kreg joints: standard 3/8", Micro Pocket™, and 1/2" HD. The Foreman comes with a 3/8" step-drill bit and hardened guide, while the accessory Micro Pocket and HD bits and guides are sold separately.

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