Arizona Woodcraft Supports Sonoran Living Live Refurbishing Contest

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Sonoran Living Live is an Emmy award winning Arizona morning show, shown weekdays at 9am on ABC15 and also streams live  It is the longest running locally produced life style program currently in Phoenix.  Hosts Terri Ouellette (Terri “O”) and Stephanie Sandoval offer the live audience content about beauty, wellness, fashion, crafts and the Arizona desert lifestyle themed with, “Live. Life. Well.” with an, “It’s all about you!” flair. RepresentingSonoran Living, Terri “O” contacted our Arizona Woodcraft store with an idea to run a few segments on woodworking to diversify the show’s content, appealing to the female and younger audience as well as all woodworkers with a furniture refurbishing promotion. Terri is an active 11 year member of the Craft & Hobby Association and has been involved educating the craft world for over 15 years. She creates and shares countless projects and is very familiar with the woodworking elements such as inlay, veneering and finishing techniques. She has been a guiding force in refreshing the Sonoran Living Live Show by bringing new innovative ideas and projects to the program. You may find out more about Terri “O” at and at

The idea behind bringing Woodcraft into the Sonoran Living Show is for local viewers and local customers to send into the Chandler Woodcraft store, photos of a non-upholstered furniture item, where Woodcraft Franchise Owner Dwayne Ernest and his woodworking team will choose one item per month from the viewer entries provided from October 2012 through February 2013 to be renovated (within a 1-2 week time frame) and then presented on ABC15′s Sonoran Living Show with Terri and Dwayne. The winners will be returned their renovated project plus a $100 Gift Card from Woodcraft and all the notoriety they can handle!


To start things off, Dwayne laid out the design parameters with his staff and built 3 initial pieces with some “out of the box” thinking for presenting in the first show which posted September 7th, 2012 entitled, How To Refurbish Old Wood Furniture. Here are the first three example projects.

A bed frame converted to a bench with a few Kreg screws followed by Howards Cherry Restor-A-Finish, Item #154379 and finished with a coat of Satin Arm R Seal, Item #85f08.

A chair is transitioned into a decorative planter using the Festool TRION PS 300 EQ Jigsaw T-Loc, Item #561443 to cut a circular marked pattern to fit the underside lip diameter of the terracotta planter and finished with both Old Fashioned Milk Paint, Crackle Finish, Item #811156 and Old Fashioned Federal Blue Milk Paint, Item #811152.


A cabinet reformed into a work table presented a few more challenges as some of the wood was chipped and cracked. To fix this Dwayne and his woodworking team filled these areas with Dark Quickwood Epoxy Putty, Item #142516Sanding the entire unit commenced with the Festool ETS 125 EQ 5″ Random Orbital Sander with T-LOC + CT Mini Dust Extractor Package, Item #PM571817 and the usual stack of various 5″ diameter sandpaper gritsA plywood tabletop with a bottom edge board are made with a routed groove for a wooden hinged plate, allowing the table top to be raised and lowered. New shelves were created from Baltic Birch Plywood, Item #131409 and legs added with 2×4′sThe new wood additions are finished with Behlen’s Solar-Lux Cherry Stain, Item #812427. The original existing cabinet was treated to a Basil Milk Paint finish, Item #828536

According to Terri “O”, “The audience was amazed at what Woodcraft’s team accomplished with these 3 over the top projects.” and “With a little imagination, what something that would have been thrown away can become something completely different and useful.”

In this video segment, viewers are presented with Dwayne’s 3 example projects for the upcoming Sonoran Living Live show’s promotion.


We will follow and post the next 5 shows starting with the first winner chosen, entering a trash heap skeleton coffee table which the Chandler Woodcraft crew turned into a beautiful gaming table.

Stay linked, you won’t want to miss the project after transition!

For all you folks in Arizona, tune into The Sonoran Living Live Morning Show for all the great content they provide.

Special thanks to Carroll at our Toledo Woodcraft store for the initial story lead, Dwayne & Janet at Chandler Woodcraft for all the details & photos, and Terri & Zack at Sonoran/ABC15 for photos, video content and taking the time to speak with me, Thank You One and All!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank

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