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Item 148603
Model DPE

General Finishes - Ebony Dye Water Based Pint


General Finishes dyes are ready to use and are water based formulations designed to give you deep, rich colors without raising the wood grain. These easy to use dyes can be used straight out of the...

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General Finishes dyes are ready to use and are water based formulations designed to give you deep, rich colors without raising the wood grain. These easy to use dyes can be used straight out of the can, or for custom finishes they can be diluted with the Neutral Base, water or intermixed with General's other water based stains and finishes to create a full palette of colors and tones.

  • Ultra penetrating wood stains
  • Designed to work like solvent-based stains
  • Deep rich tones enhance wood grain
  • Produce vibrant colors
  • Full color palette

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5.0 out of 5 stars
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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    An Excellent Ebony Look!

    I've been languishing with Miniwax Ebony stain in an attempt to create a deep black color to wood--in this case, pine. With Miniwax, you apply the black stain, and really slather it on, let it sit for about 45 minutes then wipe off the excess with a cloth. Reapply when it dries and you will get a "fairly" black stain-but for furniture it is NOT good enough. I decided to try General Finishes Dye Stain because I wanted a deeper darker black. First, this is a dye hence it really penetrates the wood. Apparently, dyes have a differnet molecular structure than stains but you can read more about that on the internet if you're interested...When you apply the General Finishes dye stain with a brush (I used a foam brush) it will go on and have a red/purplish hue to it. Do not worry--once it dries it will dry black. When you add the second coat and you will have a beautiful deep black color--you will still see the grain through the dye stain too--a beautiful jet black finish with a grain-beautful look. Apply your coats thin and evenly across the wood--you will probably not need to wipe off the excess stain with a rag in the way that you do with a conventional stain. I applied my coats thin and there was no excess to remove. I added polyurethane semi-gloss--which really goes on the dye nicely. I lighted sanded the polyurethane with 400grit after it dried, then added a second coat of polurethane. The pine panels and trim (it was for an aquarium stand) look professional. This dye stain is fantastic. You will not be disappointed. I found that the stain looks better and is more even when applied to wood that is treated with a pre-stain wood conditioner. I happened to have some of the Miniwax conditioner and that is what I used. You could also use the General Finishes conditioner too which i read is also excellent. I highly recommend this product! It is also made in America! I "heard" that their "800" customer service is excellent too but I did not try that. Happy woodworking!

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