The Baltimore Woodworking Show

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Plenty of saw dust was in the air at the Timonium Woodworking Show located at the Maryland State Fairgrounds this past weekend. In and around the Woodcraft booth was Tommy MacDonaldScott Phillips, and Charles Neil. Pictured left to right below is Tommy MacDonald, Ray Winkler (Baltimore Woodcraft Owner), and Charles Neil.


Tommy held sharpening demos on hollow-grind chisels. In addition he yielded many project building questions and signed autographs for hundreds of visitors at the Woodcraft booth.

The PBS Rough Cut Show was a big topic as Tommy ventures into his second season. Tommy mentioned that he has had a “monster” year and is very excited about next season’s projects and episodes. Be sure to check out all of Tommy’s Rough Cut Collection on DVD’s and woodworking plans at this link:

Rough Cut is now in 49 States and will also be shown in a Rough Cut Marathon on the PBS Create TV Channel on January 29th and 30th, 2011. Click HERE for a complete time schedule for all the January and February Rough Cut episodes. 

After the Baltimore woodworking show, Tommy stated, “I love to share my woodworking capabilities with everyone, but especially the young, up and coming woodworkers. I feel it is very important to teach future woodworkers by spending time encouraging their different types of woodworking interests.”


Back to the “Grind” with Tommy at the wheel and workin’ the crowd: 

Time out with some woodworking friends. Pictured below, left to right is Tommy Mac, Brian Graham (Baltimore, MD, Woodcraft Manager), John Schaeffer (Allentown, PA Woodcraft Manager), and Scott Phillips.

Thanks Tommy, we look forward to seeing season 2. Tommy will also be at the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Woodcraft Store on April 1st and the Cincinnati, Ohio Woodcraft Store on June 17th. Check each stores website for further details.

Scott Phillips from The American Woodshop was on-hand, providing DeltaPorter Cable and DeWalt, day long workshops on how to get the best use out of table sawsbandsaws and routers. Scott stated, “It was a blast! I know I lost my voice presenting to over 1,000 woodworkers during the day. I also visited with Ray, John, Brian and Tommy MacDonald at the Woodcraft booth. The event was one of the best attended in recent years. It was a spectacular day for everyone there!!!!”

Scott will be at the San Carlos, California Woodcraft on January 22nd. Check out all the information HERE.

Charles Neil was hanging out with Tommy, and Karson Morrison, a woodworker specializing in toy making, (with his son David who specializes in inlay woodworking).  Also in the picture is Chuck Bender. Charles commented that, “Although this was only my second show I have ever attended, I was shocked that so many people recognized me.” He liked that,”People approached me, not from a celebrity standpoint, but a knowledge base, regarding tools and products.”  In some instances, Neil was asked about planes, router bits, and turning tools. He stated, “I use Pinnacle blades as they will do a great job for you”, and “In addition I have Whiteside router bits and Pinnacle turning tools.” He also mentioned that he has “27 routers and several orbital sanders from Porter Cable and Festool.” Amongst the thousands of people and many vendors, Charles also spent some time with Tommy Mac. He had met Tommy over the phone, but never in person, and commented, “Tommy was like being with family.”

Charles and his family will soon be creating some special American furniture, so stay tuned for that blog!

Special thanks goes out to Dave Graham (Brian’s son), and Charles Neil for all the pictures and getting them to me.

We’ll be following all the woodworking shows where you will find Tommy, Scott and other great woodworkers, so check the Woodcraft Events Calendar for all show details and store events.

Auf wiedersehen…Frank


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