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Your Seattle Woodcraft Store will be closed on Easter Sunday,

April 20, 2014

Blessings and the joy of spring to you and yours!

Coming soon:  Yes, we are finally going to go through every nook and cranny of the warehouse for overstock, items that are new-but-just-haven't-turned-in-awhile; items that should be on clearance, and some other possible 'great deals'.  So watch back here for the exact dates to be posted shortly.  




Demo #2 in a six part series

"Upcycling with Milk Paint" 

coming next month on May 17th 


Just in from the end of March: Small Figured Maple Slabs

Coming Soon: 850 pounds of Burl Cutoffs!!

( Amboyna, Gmelia , Canxan Negra , Afzelia, etc.. etc.. etc.. )







   on NOW! 

Buy the 1 3/4hp or 3hp Proffesional Cabinet Saw

and Choose Your Freebie!!


Pro Mobile base


Over Arm Dust Collection



Mail in Promos

valid thru 4/30/14





New Carvex Cordless

How do you make the Carvex even better? 
You make it cordless.

Tackle your most demanding (and remote) applications with the robust and versatile new Carvex Cordless Jigsaws. Designed to deliver the same performance as their corded counterparts while taking advantage of the tool-less base change platform, these revolutionary jigsaws will have you forgetting that you've cut the cord.

The 18-volt 4.2Ah Lithium Ion batteries coupled with high-efficient brushless motor technology provides exceptional run time. The Cordless Carvex 420 is compatible with all Festool flat pack batteries made since 2005 including NiCad, NiMH and Lithium Ion batteries ranging from 12-volts to 18-volts.

Choose from the traditional D-Handle design or the barrel grip design. Already own a Festool cordless drill? Save by buying the "Basic" versions of the cordless Carvex, which exclude the batteries and charger.



SYS-MFT Systainer (500076)

The new SYS-MFT brings worktable functionality to a highly portable surface, improving results by providing more secure clamping options to jobsite applications. The SYS-MFT also provides storage for all your key tools like clamps and hand tools. Equipped with 13 clamping points, an integrated V-groove for securing round stock like dowels and pipes, a non-skid strip for even greater security of the workpiece, and a slotted handle for easy transport. The SYS-MFT is the same size as a Systainer SYS 1 so you can use Systainers side-by-side for an extended work surface. The robust and durable design will support up to 110 lbs (50 kg).Coming December 2013.


SYS-Storage Systainer (499901)

Don’t go fishing for what you need with the SYS-SB Storage Box. Tackle all your small part needs by keeping everything organized and easily accessible. No more guessing where things are thanks to the clear cover panels that help keep everything in its place. Easy to grab and go with the large bale-style handle and full Systainer system integration, the Storage Box helps you take care of the minor details so you can focus on the task at hand. Coming December 2013.

Equipped with 5 adjustable storage containers (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small).


SYS-MIDI Systainer (499621)

For those over-sized or odd-shaped things that you need to take on every job, the SYS-MIDI has you covered. Big, tough, and with a huge internal capacity (over 8 gallons), the SYS-MIDI helps you store, organize, transport and protect some of your most important assets – your tools.Internal dimensions: 19” Long x 6-15/16” Deep x 10-1/2” Wide.Coming December 2013.



Centrotec Installers Set, Limited Edition

Machined from ultra-durable steel, the Festool Centrotec System is the standard-bearer for problem-solving, precision drilling/driving solutions. Packed with options covering the installer’s every need, this set provides solutions when you need them most, including a hook-driver, extenders, countersinks, and time-savers such as a pilot-bit-countersink combo. Festool Centrotec drill/driver bits are composed of the finest materials, so you get a proper fit, reduced runout, and assurance that your investment will last a very long time. Coming December 2013, available in limited quantities, while supplies last.

Available in three versions:

  • Centrotec Installers Set w/ Imperial Wood Brad-Point Drill Bit Set (498796)
  • Centrotec Installers Set w/ 5-Piece ZOBO Forstner-Style Bit Set (M0700)
  • Centrotec Installers Set Basic Set, excludes additional drill bit set (M0701)

    ZOBO Bits

    ZOBO Fortstner-Style Drill Bit

    Machined from the highest quality steel, ZOBO Forstner-Style bits are dead-on precise, featuring interchangeable pinpoint and pilot bits for machining precision holes at any angle. ZOBO bits clear their own path, effortlessly speeding through dense material, saving time and wasted steps. Quick-change shanks are best suited for use with the Festool Centrotec System, but ensure secure gripping in any keyless chuck. Packed in a compact, durable SYS-MINI, Festool ZOBO bits are now available in both Metric and Imperial dimensions. Coming December 2013, quantities are limited, while supplies last.

    Available in two versions:

  • ZOBO Forstner-Style Bits 5-Piece Set, Imperial (500174)
  • ZOBO Forstner-Style Bits 5-Piece Set, Metric (500173)

    Sys-Lite 4-Pack

    SYS-Lite 4-Pack Systainer (499730)

    For a limited time, we are offering 4 SysLites packed in a Systainer SYS-2 for a special price! In other words, buy 4 SysLites, get a SYS-2 for free! For a limited time, get a limited edition Festool-Blue Systainer with Festool Green handle. Coming December 2013, limited quantities, while supplies last.

    See what you have been missing thanks to 170-Degree of even light dispersion that goes where you do. Whether your work takes you under a cabinet or crawlspace, or to an attic or the outdoors, the SysLite's robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when you need it most. Six high-efficiency, LED bulbs will provide even, consistent light for up to four hours on a single charge, longer when paired with a Festool battery, and without interruption when plugged directly to a power source.

    Sys-Port 500

    SYS-Port 500 Systainer Cabinet

    Now available in two sizes: the SysPort 500 and SysPort 1000. A clean and well-organized shop is the hallmark of a successful professional. The Systainer-Port is a mobile storage system that helps you become more efficient in the shop. With enough space to store tools, accessories and parts, the Systainer-Port keeps your shop organized, allowing you to work faster, easier, and smarter. Everything you need can be organized, labeled, and stored in these sturdy metal organizers. Height adjustable ball bearing supported drawer slides can be configured for different size Systainers and Sortainers. Secure, space-saving, accessible storage of Systainers. Coming December 2013.



(1) GIGANTIC COCOBOLO half log left

(and (2) sequence matched Quina slabs)


***Pencil/Cocobolo shown may be larger than they appear

     ACTUAL Scale Pencil shown below...(the cocobolo is quite large)


We stock

Contractor, Professional and Industrial Saws 




Tormek T-7 and T-3 sharpening systems.


& a huge array of lumber and turning blocks including 

JET BLACK Gaboon Ebony available

in a HUGE range of sizes 


   1"x 1"x 12"

up to

       2" x 5" x 60"     



 Classes coming soon:


Intro to Google Sketchup with Jerry Bass, May 1st and 8th

Cabinet Making Skills with David Getts, May 3rd-4th

Sand Shaded Ellipse with Reid Anderson, May 10th-11th



Check out our many additional classes at the 'classes' link toward the upper left of the screen...


Woodcraft Catalogs:  we strive to always have the current edition of the Woodcraft catalog on-hand at the store, available for free, for pick-up.  (In recent years, fewer catalogs have been mailed by Seattle Woodcraft due to increased postage costs.)  If we don't offer one to you, please just ask.  Stop by anytime and pick one up!  The September catalog is usually the 'new issue' catalog - the one where new catalog layouts are introduced, many new products are introduced, etc.  We're always happy to provide a catalog for your reference, but do appreciate your business at Seattle Woodcraft - a locally-owned, independent, small business.        

DID YOU KNOW??? Your Seattle Woodcraft Team gives FREE QUOTES to schools and businesses! Let us know how we might be able to help with your purchases!

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