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Hunnington Place
1850 So. Hurstbourne Parkway, Ste. 148
Louisville, KY 40220
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Woodcraft of Louisville - Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana's

Premier Source for Quality Woodworking Tools & Jigs, Hardware & Supplies,

Turning Tools, Lumber, Books & Plans


Welcome to your source for all your hobby and professional woodworking needs! Buy local and support your local business.

While Supplies Last:  Jet AFS-1000B air filtration systems are 20% off!  Now only $295.99 - limited to stock on hand.  Save $50 on QuickBENCH Portable workbench (wsc# 815488). Now ONLY $79.99 and ONLY while they last!  Save $55 on the Rockwell 4.0A Sonicrafter F5034-Piece Kit Model RK5141K - variable speed oscillation.  Use it to cut copper, PVC, remove grout, detail sanding, and many other uses.  Now only $84.99 while they last!  We've got these and many other deals through December 24th or until we sell out!  If you do your Christmas shopping at Woodcraft, you'll be getting him or her what he really wants.  Happy Hollidays to you all.  Thank you very much for shopping with us.  We honestly do appreciate it very much.  Best wishes to you and your family. 


   We've got everything from power tools to lumber, and we've got an experienced staff who are anxious to help you any way they can.  We carry a wide selection of the best quality names in the industry, and we can explain how to use our products for the results you expect.

Watch for our monthly flyers!  Keep your eyes out for the specials you will find in our monthly flyer!  It will show you exactly what's on special that month, what the prices are, and if there are limited quantities available.  Through negotiations with our vendors we are frequently able to offer you really special deals that can save you considerable amounts of money!  In the center of that flyer is our class page.  It shows what classes we are offering over the next several weeks.  Look for that because our classes are very informative.  They can teach you things that will save you hours of frustration and in some cases considerable amounts of money.

Sign up for our e-mails!  Almost every week on Thursday or Friday we will send out an e-mail that has specific sale items.  Sometimes they are limited to our e-mail customers.  We will ask you to print out the e-mail and bring it in - using the printout as a coupon to receive the special pricing.  Other times they are e-mails that announce special discounts that are available to everyone.  But watch for those e-mails because there is usually something in there that can save you money.  It will also announce upcoming free demonstrations that we will be hosting.

Our monthly free demonstrations are fun and informative!  Covering topics from dust collection to finishing, we have a free demonstration the second Saturday of nearly every month (December is the only exception that comes to mind).  It always starts at 1:00pm and goes for an hour or two depending on the topic.  This is something you should get in the habit of attending.  It's free, fun, and informative.  Learn some tricks of the trade you weren't previously familiar with.

If you've not yet visited us, please stop by and take a stroll around.  We've got nearly everything you need for your woodworking project or hobby.  We have an extensive display and inventory of stationary power tools.  This includes table saws (including SawStop), lathes, joiners, drill presses, bandsaws, sanders, dust collectors, air filtration units, and router tables.  Our inventory includes quality brand names such as SawStop, Festool, Leigh, Kreg, Woodpeckers, Jet, Powermatic, Laguna, Rikon, Porter Cable, Technatool, Freud, DeWalt, Whiteside, JessEm, Fein, and the list goes on.  We have an impressive display of portable power tools like routers, sanders, circular saws, jig saws, and biscuit and tenon joiners.  We have a full wall of turning tools and accessories including chucks and Easy Wood Tools.  We also carry an extensive collection of Pfeil, FlexCut, and Ramelson carving tools.  The rest of the store is organized into isles, each one specializing in sharpening, marking & measuring, wood boring, bandsaw blades and accessories, pen kits and blanks, lumber, turning blanks, shop accessories, project supplies, Kreg products, glues & finishes, hand tools, hardware, router bits, and pretty much anything else you can imagine needing for your woodworking activities.  When you get a chance, please drop in, grab a cup of coffee, and look around.  We believe you'll enjoy yourself, and we know we'll enjoy seeing you.  So if we haven't seen you yet, we hope to see you soon.

European Hinges a mystery to you?  They need no longer be because we just got in models of most, if not all, of the hinges we sell!  Confused about Face Frame & Frameless, 1/2" overlay, inset, and all the other nomenclature?  These are little "model doors" with the hinges set in.  They let you observe exactly how the hing works, how it's installed, and what kind of door and cabinet the hinge is meant for!  Come in, browse through this little forest of model doors, and you're sure to find the very one you're looking for!  It will open up the entire world of European hinges to your woodworking adventures! 

We need instructors and ideas for new classes!
Do you have a talent for a particular type of woodworking?  Would you like to share your knowledge with others?  If so please let us know.  We need instructors and ideas for new classes, so if you're good at making a particular type of turkey call or if you would like to teach people your methods for making bandsaw boxes or whatever, we want to hear from you.  Likewise, let us know if you're a beginning or advanced woodworker and you would like to learn a particular technique or process.  We'll do our best to develop a class that will work for you and other woodworkers.  Just call us at 502-671-0900 or e-mail us at  We're anxious to hear your ideas!

Stop in and try the new Easy Wood Tools turning tools. 
No more sharpening because the cutting tips are carbide so they last about as long as you would normally sharpen thirty times.  Then you buy a new carbide tip.  The tool never wears out.  It never gets sharpened down to a nub.  And they are SO SHARP that it's hard to believe they work so well.  We've got them set up - come on in and try them out!  It's FUN!


Here's an example of one of our classes.  This was a cabinet making class - it's a popular class and fills up quickly. 


Mike discussed how to size cabinets, doors, drawers, and faceframes.  He then created the faceframe (using Kreg Jig pocket holes) to fit a raised panel door he had prepared earlier.  Proceeding with the cabinet, Mike explained each step answering questions as he went.  With the carcass prefit, he marked the faceframe for dadoes that would be cut on the router table.  After assembling with a test fit, Mike glued it and fit it together, fastening the parts together with a nail gun to avoid using clamps.  During the demo Mike gave us some great tips on using table saws, band saws, router tables, jointers, and planers.  All during the demonstration people were saying "Oh, I get it now!"  It was a great learning experience for all who attended.  We'll try to convince Mike to do another demo soon.  Make sure you don't miss it!  It will be announced in your e-mail so please read it.

Hundreds of new items now available through new drop-ship program!

Many things we don't normally stock are now available through our drop-ship program.  Or if it's too difficult for you to pick up an item from our store we can have it shipped directly to you.  Just give us a call at 502-671-0900 with a credit card number and we can take care of it all over the phone.  Everything from a Rockwell Sonicrafter (a Fein Multimaster type of tool) to a portable or professional panel saw can be shipped directly to your location, or you can always pick it up here at the store if you prefer.  If we don't have it here just ask - there's a good chance we can get it for you.

Do you receive our monthly sales flyer?

If not, send us an email with your name and address, and phone number and we'll sign you up! You can also just click on the 'sale flyer' link to the left and follow the directions in the upper right hand corner.