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Yeti SmartBench - PrecisionPRO+ model

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SmartBench PrecisionPro + is a World first. Introducing YetiPilot, our AI Milling function, learning CNC has never been easier. YetiPilot listens and . . . View More Details

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SmartBench PrecisionPro + is a World first. Introducing YetiPilot, our AI Milling function, learning CNC has never been easier. YetiPilot listens and monitors the tool, consequently adjusting your feeds and speeds for you. This means you can save time through job optimisation, reduce job failure, and extend tool and brush life. Designed with customers in mind, it takes 3 minutes to pack down and fits in an SUV so you can take CNC with you. It is accurate to +/- 0.02'' and better when using a finishing pass. PrecisionPro + can process 4ft x 8ft sheets. It can hold materials as thick as 6 inches and has a Z-axis travel of 5.1 inches. Combined with ShapeCutter our console-based cutting app, you have an intuitive and powerful tool at your fingertips allowing you to start creating like never before. For those new to CNC, ShapeCutter has a walk-through job wizard making getting started a simple process.

  • YetiPilot - World First Automated Adaptive Cutting Feeds
  • Console 2 - Quicker processor, more memory, more storage
  • ZHead V3
  • 120V 1000W SC2 Spindle for North American market
  • Digital speed control
  • Improved spindle/spindle brush life times
  • Auto Tool Stop if spindle is in constant overload
  • Real time spindle load display
  • Precision ER16 collet - max 10mm shank. ¼” and 8mm collets ship with the spindles
  • Dual Z Axis Lead Screws for additional rigidity
  • Laser X/Y Datum set point system
  • Can accommodate up to a 13 amp extraction system
  • SmartManager Single License
  • Reduced new material feeds and speeds learning curve
  • Auto job strategy optimization
  • Ever increasing preset profiles based on material type, cutter diameter and cutter type
  • Custom profile feature where you can create your own adaptive feed profile
  • Blunt cutter job fail protection
  • Spindle health check
Console 2:
  • Increased CPU Speed 1.5 GHz
  • Increased RAM 4GB
  • Increased Memory 32 GB
  • Second USB port
  • Improved thermal management
  • 10% quicker boot time
  • 2.5 times faster file load speed
  • Easy SD card replacement
  • Increased file segment preview
  • Easy to use step by step set-up wizard walks you through your cut
  • Navigation tabs allow you to navigate through the set-up tasks
  • 10 different geometry types to choose from
  • Save your tool/job profile for a quick job turn around
  • Prompts and hints on process
  • Compatible with both inches and millimeters
Ease of Use:
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz Network only)/ USB connectivity for simple file transfer
  • Z Probe for fast, easy and accurate setting
  • Extraction system for clean operation
  • Pack up and store away in 3 minutes
  • Easy and quick calibration app ensures your SmartBench is always in tip top condition
  • Compatible with 99% of CAM packages
Improve Efficiency:
  • Autonomous cutting – Works with you. SmartBench gets the job done while allowing you to get on with other tasks
  • Fast setup – plan your job on the touch screen, set your materials and press go
  • Astonishing job time – SmartBench can perform multiple cutting operations, dramatically improving your job time
  • SmartBench fits into a SWB (short wheel base) van
  • Sections have been made to be handled by one person
  • Nothing more required to start producing standard shapes than SmartBench and a router bit
  • Set up on site within 3 minutes
  • Height adjustable feet makes light work of setting up on uneven surfaces
Large capabilities:
  • Process up to 98.43'' (2500mm) x 49.2” (1250mm) sheets edge to edge
  • Use SmartBench in feed-through mode and process any length of work surface
Multi materials:
  • Softwood and hardwood timber sections up to 150mm thick
  • Timber based composite boards
  • Composite work surfaces
  • Polycarbonate, Acrylic and other forms of plastic
  • Soft metals such as aluminum and brass
Quality and accuracy:
  • Accuracy of +/-.020” (0.5mm) or better
  • CE certified
  • Remote software upgrades means you get the benefit of our ever increasing library of cutting apps Safety in mind
  • E Stop
  • Interrupt bars along the x axis

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