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Snappy - 3/8-Inch Drill Bit Adapter Fits Festool Centrotec Chucks

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SNAPPY’s quality 3/8" Drill Bit Adaptor is manufactured at close tolerances to fit the precision Festool® Centrotec® chuck found on most Festool® drills, including the very popular Festool® CXS Cordless Drill. Convert 3/8" shank drill bits to Centrotec® shank power bits, including standard and specialty round shank bits, cobalt bits, brad-point bits, masonry bits, even step-drill bits used in pocket hole jigs.


• 3/8" drill bit adaptor accepts a range of sizes .005" larger to .010" smaller than listed

• Special hex socket included to facilitate installation of your drill bit

• Engages Centrotec® chuck for extremely close axial alignment of bit and output shaft of drill

• Reduced run-out and maximum torque transfer between drill and bit

• Drill bit is not included

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