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WoodRiver - Inertia Pen Kit Blue with Stylus

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With just the flick of the wrist you are ready to write. No push buttons or twist mechanisms. This innovative kit is the perfect size for pocket or purse, and when you need to surf the web ā€“ flip it to use the non-marring soft tip stylus for navigating your touch screen devices. Kit uses a 3/4" x 3/4" x 2-3/4" pen blank, sold separately.
Just a flick of the wrist activates the ink refill

Equipped with a soft tip stylus
Kit requires a letter ā€œVā€ bit
Available in many cool colors

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This chart outlines the proper blanks, drills and accessories to make various pens and small turning kits.

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3.75 out of 5 stars
4 Reviews
  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Fun Pen, Works Smoothly, Some Design Notes

    I just made my first Inertia Pen and I will have to order more. I like the short to medium length/size of the pen. The stylus comes in handy for social-distancing re shared/ office touch screens. The flick mechanism is just plain fun (not to mention convenient). There are some design issues that can generally be compensated for if you have the right tools to hand. These are: (1) The odd tube shape seems unnecessary. In fact, it's slightly too big for the hardware you press into it. I resorted to gluing the pieces, simple fix. (2) The odd bit for the odd barrel is uncommon. I didn't have that one in my shop but a simple metric bit worked fine. (3) The lack of a clip on this pen seems like a missed opportunity. A writing device designed to be a convenient on-the-go "pocket or purse" pen should at least have the option of a clip. (4) More colors. Gimme.

  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Looks Great, Works Perfectly

    The kit that I received works just great and was very easy to assemble. Why the odd sized Letter 'V' tube instead of a more standard sized tube is a mystery and an irritant.

  3. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Mechanism does not work on some kits

    I really love these pens, when they work. I have made 5 of these so far. Of those, 3 did not work. You flick your wrist to extend and retract the ink. For 3 of the kits that mechanism would not work. I was easily able to return them to the Woodcraft store and they were happy to exchange them for me so no harm done. I have bought more kits since then and will continue to make more as I think these will make excellent Christmas gifts. The pens are good quality, small, and I really like the fact that they have a stylus on the end. Easy to make with only one tube. I can make 2-3 kits in an evening in the workshop. So as long as you have a Woodcraft store nearby to exchange any bad kits, I do recommend these kits.

  4. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Cool Pen, inertia device stcks

    I was at Woodcraft and saw these on a display so I purchased 2 (a gray and a blue). I made the blue pen with a molten acrylester blank I purchased with the pen. The kit calls for a letter V bit. None in the store and I didn't want to wait to order so I used a 25/64 bit and it worked fine. When the pen was completed it was the coolest looking pen I ever made. It took a very hard flick of the wrist to make the pen tip come out. When I flicked it again to retract the pen it would not fully retract unless I pushed the tip against the paper. Disappointing. I made the second (gray) pen. The inertia mechanism worked fine on this one. The wrist flick required was noticeably less to make it work. Hopefully the first one was an anomaly and not the norm. I will purchase more, but I will test the inertia mechanism before I make the pen so I don't waste a good blank.

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