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Making furniture is an art in itself! When you reproduce an antique style piece of furniture or put a modern twist on a trusted favorite style you get a sense of accomplishment from your efforts.  Not to mention a buck in the bank if you sell your items too! Let Woodcraft be your trusted source for learning new skills like dovetail joints or the latest and greatest way to finish your masterpiece. 

There is also an art in repairing furniture… whether you inherited grandma’s pie safe or grandpa’s valet chair, chances are it will need a little TLC!  Today, repairing a piece of furniture has a trendy new name… it’s called upcycling! Whatever you call it, Woodcraft has the specialty products, tips and tricks and expertise to bring your piece back to life.  

Some ideas for your next furniture project

The Craftsman's Legacy's Eric Gorges visits a Woodcraft store for help choosing materials for his live-edge end table.  

Fine furniture maker Chad Stanton walks us through the 4 rules of good design with both good and bad examples of pieces he has made in the past.

See Anne of All Trades complete a one of a kind, handmade rocking chair. 

Watch John Malecki make a live edge slab coffee table with zipper/inlaid stitches. 

Meet Jory and John

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This attractive napkin holder with its leaves at opposing angles will add pizzazz to any table. The chamfered leaves appear to float just above the surface, adding a subtle shadow line to the gently curved feet. The straightforward construction makes this a fun project to work on with a youngster or to batch-build for holiday gifts.

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This maple side table has three chief features: a single, wide drawer, an open base with a large three-piece shelf, and subtle detailing to tie everything together. I stole the overall form and proportions from a functional but somewhat poorly constructed table that sat in my kitchen for some time.

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I’ve been making mirrors with attached shelves for years. Recently, I started adding small objects to those shelves, including stone cairns, turned vases, and carved birds such as the one you see here. Adding these little “extras” has made the mirrors sell better, and they’re more fun to build. 

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