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One of the most satisfying types of woodworking is cabinet making. Understanding the process of creating custom cabinetry - either for your home or your shop - is a discipline that many woodworkers aspire to learn. Whether you want to outfit your kitchen, bath, garage or shop with totally custom cabinets, or whether you want to build beautiful display cases to show off your collectibles, Woodcraft has the tools and knowledge to make your cabinetry dreams a reality.

Cabinet Making Articles

Custom Hand Tool Cabinet

Save all kinds of shop time by keeping your go-to hand tools, glue, and choice hardware in this dedicated wall-hung cabinet...


Hand Plane Cabinet

There’s a long-standing tradition of cabinetmakers displaying their woodworking skills in the form of finely crafted tool cabinets and chests. Very often, the contents include a number of hand planes, which can accumulate surprisingly quickly.



The central tool in almost all cabinetmaking shops is the table saw, probably the most useful single tool the average woodworker is going to have, because the work it does serves as a base for all that comes afterward...



Ideally, workshop cabinets must be rugged, adaptable, and not complicated (or expensive) to build.




Articles About Cabinetry & Cabinet Making

Spicebox600x400 1


     Building a Pennsylvania Spice Box can be quite the ambitious project for any level of woodworker, loaded with its share of building techniques that embrace both hand and/or power tool applications in today's woodworking world. Its challenges include plenty of hand-cut joinery, precise drawer assemblies, stylish mouldings, raised-panel contours, and in this case, the use of quilted and soft maple woods with figured walnut burl, book-matched veneer drawer fronts. Follow us along in this Woodworking Adventure with Woodcraft's product manager, Kyle Meyer and his Spice Box design and build.

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Cl storage vid

Eric Gorges is building his new shop! In this episode he is working on a nice cabinet for screw tray storage using baltic birch with dado, rabbet, and pocket hole joinery.

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Mike table saw in shop

Mike Dils of Sun Lakes, Arizona, found himself in a fight for his life, and his family was given a dire prognosis. Paralyzed with a rare disorder known as Locked-In Syndrome, he was unable to move—but fully conscious. Eventually using woodworking as part of his recovery therapy, Mike's will to live has allowed him to enjoy life, family and his hobby once again. 

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