Conover Workshops Educates Woodworking with New Classes

From the workshop of Ernie Conover comes some new added classes for 2015.  His classes are so informative and useful that craftsman have asked for more, and Ernie has obliged.

Ernie has also added the convenience of a $200 deposit for weekend classes with the balance due two weeks before the class. Clicking this hyperlink will take you to his 2015 Woodworking Courses page.  Here are the additional offerings:

  • Spindle Turning Primer (July 19): Crash course in spindle turning for Shaker Rocker Students only.
  • Shaker Rocker (July 20-24): Ernie Conover and Patrick Brown will teach you how to make this classic chair. You will turn the parts; steam bend the posts, rails and slat; shape the arms and rockers followed by assembling the fruits of your labor.
  • Barley-Twist Candlesticks (October 24-25): Join Ernie in celebrating his 70th birthday by making a set of these unique lathe turned objects with him.

Classes already in place are as follows:

  • Basic Bowl Turning (August 1-2): Learn to turn bowls quickly and efficiently with sharp tools.
  • Hand Cutting Dovetails (August 9)
  • Handtool Joinery (August 10-14)
  • Fundamentals of Spindle Turning(September 19-20)
  • Hollow Forms and Lidded Boxes(October 3-4)
  • Woodturning Tools & Techniques(October 12-16): 2 1/2 Days of spindle and 2 1/2 days of faceplate turning. Learn to turn what you want the way you want to turn it with sharp tools.

Ernie also offers Private Instruction which is available any time regular classes are not in session. Please feel free to email or call Ernie if you have any questions.

Ernie Conover

Phone (440) 548-3491

Conover Workshops is located in Parkman, Ohio and inquiries can be snail mailed to P.O. Box 679, 44080.

Ernie details some class offerings in this video:

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