Scott and Suzy Phillips Promote “Recycle & Reclaim” in “The American Woodshop” Season 29 Episodes

Co-hosts Scott and Suzy Phillips return to PBS on Monday, January 10, with 13 new episodes of The American Woodshop based on the theme, “Recycle & Reclaim!” Check your local PBS TV station for airtimes or watch on Create® TV, YouTube PBS TV, or 24/7 at

“Woodcraft congratulates Scott and Suzy Phillips on another season of unique and educational shows. They continue to inspire viewers to elevate their craft as they responsibly create with wood,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said.

Woodcraft, Woodcraft Magazine, Rikon, PS Wood Machines and Furniture Bank of Central Ohio sponsor the popular woodworking public television series.

“Every episode of Season 29 shares a path to successful expression in wood,” Scott said. “You can smell the sawdust. You can hear the success of a project coming to life. You can experience the reward of using recycled wood. You can feel the satisfaction and pride that can’t be bought in a store.”

Scott is passionate about the recycling and reclaiming wood. “We can all do more to reclaim more woods!! Every year Americans throw away over 6,000,000,000 board feet of wood. And that’s just treasure waiting to be found.”

The season opener is all about the theme. A Tall Case Cabinet made with live edge Walnut slabs is the featured project.

Also in this episode, Scott delivers a beautiful reclaimed table he made from a Walnut slab and recycled Chestnut Oak scraps from the Gertner Barn Project to the Gertner Family for the party room in their now renovated barn. While there, Scott leads a discussion about greenwood reclamation.

Other Season 29 Projects include:

Hearth Chair #2902: A centuries old three-legged chair recreated with White Oak and Walnut is perfect and comfortable. Bandsaw tune-up and blade selection are covered for perfect cuts. Plus, a visit to Catch My Drift (driftwood art) at the Brubaker Studio.

Green Bowl Turning #2903: Honey Locust from log to home is used to make the ultimate salad serving bowl. This 44-pound green wood bowl blank is turned into a three-pound graceful kitchen masterpiece.

Bandsaw tips save the day when making this rough bowl blank.

Guest woodturner Barry Todd shares his latest turned creations.

Tool Tote #2904: Straight from Woodcraft Magazine comes the ideal curved handle tool tray. Hand-cut through dovetail joints add strength and elegance to the handy way to store key tools. Reclaimed woods include Kentucky Coffee Tree and Osage Orange. Scott harvests a burl tree for future projects, and Burr Oak Tree Services shares logging techniques.

English Cricket Table #2905: This 300-year-old round table was traditionally a cricket game centerpiece. Recreated from American Chestnut, quartersawn White Oak and Mahogany, the triangular shelf holds three angled legs perfectly. A geometric challenge comes together with dominoes. The Urban Timber Mill cuts live edge slabs for the ultimate display table show.

American Miniature Benchtop Chest #2906: This miniature chest is perfectly sized to enhance any tabletop. Two router jig half-blind dovetail drawers are the key to this elegant mix of woods. Visit the Dave Moser Kiln to see how small batches of wood can be cured.

Tall Vase Turning #2907: A log is transformed into a beautiful vase by a series of woodturning techniques. The trick is to keep this 50-pound spinning “trunk” balanced!

•Wall Curio Cabinet #2908: Making cabinets has never been easier! Simple tools are used to build the case for an antique curved beveled glass door. LED lighting is featured. Plus, see the best way to “hang” wall mounted cabinets.

Hoop Back Windsor Chair #2909: Chairmaking is the best way to truly hone woodworking skills. Windsor hoop backed forms are solid and comfortable. Special jigs are used to laminate the bent wood hoop. Turning is used to make stretchers and spindles, and the seat is sculpted.

Custom Knives and Keep Trays #2910: Special tempered stainless steel blades are finished with custom wood handles (scales). SpectraPly is turned for the big knife, and Purpleheart is used on the gift knife. Crown molding is cut to make a perfect tray.

Treasure Box #2911: Sized to hold a king’s ransom, it is ideal for any home treasure. A homemade router table box  joint jig is demoed. The shell carving is created with just one chip-carving knife. A custom top is formed with a scrub plane.

Furniture Restorations #2912: Easy to use finishing products are featured as the best way to keep furniture looking great. Tips and tricks make restoring furniture fast and rewarding. Learn the best way to fix most common furniture repair challenges.

River Display Table #2913: Two live-edge Corkscrew Willow slabs are turned into stunning display tables. These came from wood harvested in episode 2904. Castle joints are created to make the leg assemblies on an epoxy resin “river” table.

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