Woodcraft’s New WoodRiver® Clamp Features Unique User-Friendly Design

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Kyle Meyer uses WoodRiver Quick Twist Bar Clamps to clamp two cabinets together for installation.

A simpler clamping solution is now available at Woodcraft – WoodRiver® Quick Twist Bar Clamps in three sizes.

“Woodcraft is excited to make this improved clamp design available to customers,” President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “The product development team continually surveys our tool line to ensure it meets or exceeds customers’ needs.”

Product Manager Kyle Meyer explained what sets the Quick Twist Bar Clamp apart from others on the market: “The clamp’s unique design combines large jaw faces and an offset handle positioned in line with the bar to allow for a deeper reach than traditional ‘F’-style clampsThe smooth action will let you focus on aligning your work without fighting your clamp.”

WoodRiver Quick Twist Bar Clamp is easy to use.

Meyer described how easy it is to use the redesigned tool: “Just grip the ergonomic handle, slide the movable jaw to size, and twist the handle to tighten. It’s that easy!”

Meyer said the handle’s position in line with the bar allows the clamp to be used in tighter spaces where a traditional “F”-Style will not fit. Also the jaws are reminiscent of parallel clamps, offering a larger jaw face for better grip without marring the work. The larger handle offers a more comfortable grip.

Three different lengths accommodate a wide range of clamping requirements.

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This cabinet door glue-up is one of the many tasks that the Quick Twist Bar Clamp makes easier.

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The WoodRiver Quick Twist Bar Clamp is available in three sizes: 6", 12", and 18", each with a 3-3/8" jaw depth. Meyer said each size offers 330 lbs. of clamping pressure, and jaw pads are non-marring.

“Woodworkers and DIYers will find the clamps very user-friendly for a variety of tasks, from glue-ups to holding workpieces in place to installing kitchen cabinets,” Meyer said. “The smooth, sliding action and integrated handle combine to make operation hassle-free.”

Watch this video to see the clamps in action.


To learn about other WoodRiver clamps, as well as WoodRiver hand planes, chisels, woodturning tools and project kits, visit woodcraft.com.


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