Toy Trucks from 2x4s

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You could build just one, but that’s no fun. Turn your shop into an automotive assembly line and create a fleet of four wheelers.

Woodworkers don’t have to go to the mall when someone needs a gift. We always have the opportunity to create something special right at home. That’s why I’ve come to love building these toy trucks. It’s challenging and fun to 􀏐igure out how to massproduce all the parts and create my own assembly line process (I’ll share some of my techniques on the pages ahead). It’s great that the raw material for this woodworking adventure is cheap and easy to 􀏐ind. You can raid your scrap pile for truck parts, or head to the lumber yard for 2× stock. What I like most about this truck project is that it’s fun to do as a group. Round up your buddies, or organize a truck-making afternoon with your woodworking guild. Finished trucks are great items to donate to toy banks or charity auctions.

Kids can get involved in the construction process too. Who knows—a child who has a hand in building a few trucks might just grow up to be a great woodworker.

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