Tips & Tricks Issue 82: Ripping Knife-Edge Bevels

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This article is from Issue 82 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Ripping Knife-Edge Bevel

Ripping a knife-edge bevel of less than 45° is challenging because you can’t feed the board on-the-flat since the blade won’t tilt that far. Instead, you have to feed it on its edge. Unfortunately, this can be awkward and, because the work exits the blade traveling on the knife edge, it’s subject to damage. In these cases, I use a thick, squarely dressed carrier board to do the job safely and securely. Although you can clamp the workpiece to the carrier board, I prefer the less cumbersome approach of making the workpiece a bit oversized in length, then screwing it to the carrier board at both ends. Afterward, I cut away the screw holes.  

—Paul Anthony, senior editor


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