Precision Dovetail Saw Techniques by Rob Cosman

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Rob Cosman

Working with your hands in creating fine furniture is not a thing of the past. The old adage of “what you put into your work, is what you get out of it”, still holds true today. Rob Cosman is the epitome of this statement. Teaching handcut joinery is a small yet essential part of woodworking when using dovetail construction. Experience is the other piece that comes in time. When you first start in any venue of woodworking, you sometimes need an expert to help you along. Rob Cosman, Your Hand Tool Coach has been inspiring new and experienced woodworkers with fine woodworking techniques for many years. His insight, wisdom and patience goes beyond perfection. If you have attended any of his classes, shows, or workshops, you know what I am talking about. He captures the audience right from the start as he really gets into what he does best… sharing and teaching. He gets it right all the time every time and shares his knowledge with everyone. You can learn from Rob online at and on his Hand & Power Tool Workshop website at In addition you will find video instruction on Rob’s YouTube Channel and our Woodcraft YouTube Channel.

Rob Cosman

In this video, Rob sacrifices his own well built, high quality, high-end dovetail saws by showing you how to get started in dovetail cutting very economically, followed by developing your skills to a higher level using the best dovetail saw on the market which are handmade by Rob in his shop. Everything you require to get started is shown in this video and if you need any help you can always email Rob at

Watch this video so you can get started inexpensively in making fine hand-cut dovetail joinery today…

Rob Cosman

To get started today, pick up one of the saws below, follow Rob’s video instruction and graduate yourself to one of Rob’s Dovetail Hand Saws.

For added dovetail instruction, pick up a copy of Rob’s DVD and book offerings at or at your local Woodcraft store. Click on the photos for more information.

Thanks Rob for all you do for woodworking and Woodcraft!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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