Outdoor Table and Benches

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Just in time for dining alfresco

Table: Overall dimensions: 62"w × 38"d × 29"h

Bench: Overall dimensions: 60"w × 141⁄4"d × 171⁄8"h

There are few things that compare with the simple joy of sitting down for a nice meal outdoors with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing. While this alfresco dining set can’t do a lot to guarantee you the perfect weather, it does provide a great place to enjoy it. When my client approached me with this commission, the goal was to design a dining table-and-bench set that would accommodate up to eight people without appearing oversized or undersized. She wanted something with the kind of subtle grace that is usually lacking in commercial outdoor furniture, and made of material that would withstand the elements and accommodate the kind of extreme movement that wood encounters outdoors. To suit the bill, I designed the top to allow a variety of seating arrangements (some requiring extra chairs in addition to the benches shown here) while incorporating gentle curves and inward slanting legs to provide comfort and a touch of style. To ensure durability, I used naturally weatherresistant cedar, joining the parts with strong, but easily made “loose” tenons fixed in place with waterproof glue. Topping all this off with a tough finish guarantees that this furniture will be part of the family for a long time to come.

Outdoor Table and Benches

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