Outdoor Bench and Planter

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It’s time to build some colorful, durable furniture for your deck or patio 

I had a good time building this bench and planter set. It’s a project you can easily complete in a day, and you’ll be rewarded with years of enjoyment with no worries about fading finish, wood decay, or insect attack. This type of plastic lumber, made primarily from recycled plastic, is the type that manufacturers of outdoor furniture prefer. It’s available in a wide range of colors, and in a variety of dimensions.

Glue won’t work on this type of plastic lumber, so connections need to be made with screws or bolts. On the planter, I left the trim-head screws exposed as a design element, spacing them consistently for good appearance. On the bench, screws are hidden under cleats or in pocket holes that are plugged with plastic dowels. The multi-purpose screws I found at the home center work well for pocket hole and other connections. The design details and construction techniques featured here can be applied to other projects using plastic lumber.

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