New & Notable: Issue 4

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This article is from Issue 4 of Woodcraft Magazine.

(prices are approximate)

Stay Sharp

Woodcraft Shop Knife

Wood-handled shop knife includes extra-long blade for an extra-long life, even after multiple sharpenings. $15

Cut Corners

Bench Dog Crown/Cove Cutting Jig

The Crown-Cut jig lets you cut perfect inside and outside corners on crown and cove molding. It holds molding up to 6" wide at the correct cutting angle and sports foolproof instructional illustrations. $35

Clear a Pathway

Lee Valley Self-Cleaning Blast Gates

A modified slider automatically clears chips from the gate track upon closing, improving the suction and efficiency of your dust collection system. $7-$13

Combat Rust

Lie-Nielsen Tool Care Kit

Everything you need to keep your tools and blades rust free: camellia oil, Ferro-Pak corrosion inhibitor, polishing cloths, abrasive hand block and paraffin wax. $39

Rout Tall Profiles

MLCS Horizontal Router Table

Secure your router in a sideways position, and use your tallest bits with ease. $200

Nail It Up

Makita 15-Gauge Finish Nailer

The new AF633 pneumatic nailer is a replica of the time-tested AF632; the difference is in the nails. This model accepts the popular DA (Senco) style. $204

Let Gravity Help

Bosch Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

The balance of the stand and the weight of the attached saw work in tandem for a smooth shift from vertical travel position, to horizontal for use. $150

Set Your Jaw

Teknatool Long-Nose and 75mm Bowl Jaw Sets

Long-nose set has internal dovetail and threaded serrations, ideal for holding large and long tenons; the 75mm set accommodates a large range of work and includes a reverse dovetail grip. $80, $60

Pack It In

Lee Valley Spokeshave Roll

Trifold, heavy polyester case holds six spokeshaves of lengths up to 12". Wall-mount clips are included; nylon buckles secure the roll for transport. $13

“Waist” Some Time

Woodcraft Belt Watch

Play it safe with power tools by keeping your watch off your wrist. Hook the 2" stainless steel clip to a belt; just pull the sturdy protective case open to read the time. $50

Chuck It Right

Crown Two-Way Dovetail Cutter

Specialized turning tool cuts correct angles on interior or exterior dovetails to help your chuck’s jaws grip your work. $30

Protect Your Tools

Stanley ShockMaster

Slip-resistant feet provide stability and shock absorption; weather-resistant high-impact resin body adds even more protection for valuable tools. $20

Hone With Ease

Wolverine Flat Tool Sharpening & Honing Jig

Easily grind and hone chisels and plane irons up to 2½" wide on any pedestal grinder. $100 complete; $85 as accessory to Wolverine Grinding Jig

Do Double Duty

Whiteside Raised-Panel Bits with Back Cutters

Cut the profile and back cut on raised-panel doors at the same time. Removable back cutter and bearing; available in straight, ogee and cove profiles. $130 each

Cover All the Angles

Milescraft Drill Oribter

Lock the orbiting head in an unlimited number of positions to get at hard-to-reach places. $25


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