Hot New Tools Issue 82: King Industrial 16" Scroll Saw

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This article is from Issue 82 of Woodcraft Magazine.

King Industrial 16" Scroll Saw

A familiar face with new skills

King Industrial 16" Scroll Saw

started scroll sawing in 1971 with a Delta machine that had a primitive spring mechanism on the top of the blade. Thankfully, things have come a long way. Suzy and I both enjoy using our new King scroll saw. The King 16" model has all the features we love. Tool-free blade changing works like a charm. And with an easy-to-move upper arm that locks in the up position, you’ve got features that save time and trouble. That’s a huge help when setting up for pierced cuts.

Having grown used to a jumpy old saw, the smooth-running King makes us feel like royalty. We like the easy access speed control. We learned the hard way to use proper speed settings when working with delicate blades. With the King saw, it’s easy to dial down the speed so thin blades don’t break. The King’s solid parallel arms keep the blade straight, reducing deflection, allowing smoother, burn-free cuts. You have to tilt the table to make beveled cuts on most scroll saws. But on the King, the head tilts, keeping your work flat. That’s one of our favorite features.

Astute scrollers will notice that the King closely resembles the General International Excalibur scroll saw. That’s because the original manufacturer produces the King using the same design, components, and motor. But improvements like a built-in 2-1/2" chute for dust collector hook-up and dust holes in the table make this saw special. At $600, the King saw is a great choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Add the optional stand and foot pedal for the perfect scroll sawing setup.

—Tester, Scott Phillips


  • 16" scroll saw $599.99
  • Variable-speed (1,550-4,000 strokes/min)
  • Large 12 × 181⁄2" stationary table
  • Head tilts 30° to left, 45° to right
  • Built-in dust blower system
  • 21⁄2" dust chute
  • Tool-free blade change system

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