Finishing-Supply Cabinets

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Adjustable shelves, custom cubbies, and add-on door racks maximize your storage capacity

When it comes to workshop storage, I find that one of the biggest challenges is corralling finishing supplies. It seems that with every project, I accumulate yet more cans, cups, bottles, and brushes. I needed a better system to organize this stuff. Using a combination of full- and half-depth adjustable shelves, custom cubbies, and a variety of door racks, I designed these two specialty cabinets to wrangle my unwieldy collection of finishing goodies. One cabinet is outfitted to store the finishes themselves (as well as various adhesives), while the other cabinet holds mixing containers, applicators, and other related supplies. A place for everything and everything in its place makes my shop time more efficient and enjoyable.

The cabinet construction is straightforward, with glue and screws holding the parts together. As shown, a couple of inexpensive commercial jigs simplify the drilling of the shelf pin holes and hinge mortises. The shelves and door racks shown are sized for standard finish containers, but you can customize dimensions to suit whatever items you like.

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