Dead-Accurate Crosscut Sled

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A simple sliding solution for conquering wide crosscuts

Designer/Builder/Writer: Paul Anthony

Simply put, tablesaws are great ripping machines, but when it comes to crosscutting, a tablesaw miter gauge can’t guide big boards as well as a crosscut sled. Unlike a miter gauge, a sled carries both halves of a workpiece past the blade. It allows you to safely and quickly make precision crosscuts while eliminating the chance of kickback.

I designed my sled to be as lightweight as possible without compromising strength or cutting accuracy. The 1/2"-thick base allows maximum blade height adjustment without being flimsy, and the fence and rail, which keep the sled flat and intact, are stepped down to reduce weight. A significant feature, the extension rail and quick-set stopblock allow for precise, efficient crosscutting of long work in multiples. I think you’ll find that this jig completes your saw.

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