Baked Goods Pedestal

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A turning that’s guaranteed to take the cake

Dimensions: 12" dia. × 7" high

Any artist who premiers his or her work in public will tell you that it’s all about the presentation. A magnificent painting mounted in a crummy frame is going to lose some allure; that’s just the way it is. And we all know that a birthday gift somehow seems more valuable when it’s wrapped with a bow. Likewise, any chef knows that presentation is as important as taste, which is where this lovely pedestal comes in. It elevates your baked goods to high style while keeping them fresh under a classy glass dome. When you set this piece on the dessert table, woodworking aficionados in the vicinity are likely to start salivating over the shapely turning as much as they may drool over the edible offerings it presents. Part of the beauty of this project is that it’s easy to make, doesn’t cost a lot in the way of materials, and offers a great exercise in both spindle turning and faceplate turning. I made this from cherry, but any other close-pored hardwood like maple, birch, or beech will finish up as nicely. That said, an open-pored wood will work, but you may want to use grain filler to ensure a smooth finished surface. Note: I bought my 111 ⁄4"-diameter glass dome from (item #2579332) for $39.95. If you choose something different, get it before starting work, so you can modify the plate to suit, adding about 3 ⁄4" to the dome diameter.

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