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97_Party Tray CNC Files

The files here should get you set up to rout either of the party trays with your CNC Router. The DXF files are simple vector drawings of the trays. When they are imported into Aspire or VCarve, they tend to come in oversize. So big, in fact, that you may have to zoom out a lot to actually see them. If you have this problem, select the entire drawing and scale it, keeping the X-Y proportions the same. Make the width of the double tray 18" and the single tray 16".
Once you have the drawing scaled appropriately, you can position it on your blank and assign tool paths accordingly.
Each tray also has two CRV files. These will open in Aspire or VCarve and already have the tool paths made. The parameters for each file are described in the file names. Including where the origin is, what size blank to use, and which bit to select.
For all four files, the origin is in the center.
For the double tray, the blank size is 12 x 20 to allow room at the corners for hold-downs.
For the single tray, the blank size is 10 x 16.
Each tray has a file for the interior cuts which uses a 3⁄4" tray bit. You can use one with a bearing if you have to, but I’ve had bearings fail when used with my CNC machine. So if you have the option, forgo the bearing.
Each tray also has a file for the exterior cut out. This cut uses a 3⁄8" straight bit. The cuts do not cut all the way through the blank so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose. Bandsaw it free of the waste, then clean up the residual as you shape the bottom edges on a router table.
Feel free to contact me with questions

Click the link to download

single party tray.dxf
Single Tray 10 x 16 blank Center OrigExterior Cutouts 3-8 in striaght bit.crv
Single Tray 10 x 16 blank Center Orig Interior Cutouts 3-4 in bowl bit.crv
Single Tray 10 x 16 blank center origin AspireV8

double party tray.dxf
Double Tray 12 x 20 blank Center Orig Exterior Cutout 3-8in Straight Bit.crv
Double Tray 12 x 20 blank Center Orig Interior Cuts 3-4in Bowl Bit.crv
Double Tray 12 x 20 blank center origin AspireV8


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  • TR from Janesville
    It is great that you have .crv files for our use. You are using the latest version of vCarve 10.019. My latest version is 9.5. The program will not open for earlier versions of vCarve.
  • DW from Bountiful
    I think it is great to provide cbc files sorry to say I have a carvewright and needed stl files that I can convert but thanks for helping others

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