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Woodcraft of Woodcraft of Lexington

Woodcraft of Lexington
3028 Blake James Drive
Corner of Man-O-War and Palumbo Dr.
Lexington, KY 40509
Call Us: 1-859-231-WOOD 9663
Fax Us: 859-309-3663
  • Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM
  • Monday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM - 7 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM

John Hawkins
I had my first paying job at age 11. My Dad was a Mech. Engineer so I have been around tools & machines all my life. Since the age of 25 I have done laminate tops and casework. When I moved to Lex. I started building cabinets and furniture and have been doing so for 30 years. I have done kitchens, office fit ups, bars, restaurants and all types of residential projects. I have trimmed new construction homes and done built-ins of all types.
Travis Demonbreum
Ray Durham
I started "Carving" at age seven with my Father and Grandfather in the evenings under a shade tree on Grandpa's farm. Technically it was whittling but I always wanted to put more detail into it. I carved my first face at age eight and my first walking stick at thirteen.
I have honed my skills using such media as clay, wax, bone and silver.
I worked with my Uncle for five years restoring antique furniture and started building furniture in 87. In 1990 I began embellishing my pieces with carvings.
In 2002 I began to once again focus mainly on carving and use it to enhance my other projects.
So stop by the store and let's spend a few minutes talking about how it's done and what's needed to do it.

See ya soon,

Pete Dueben
Pete has lived in Lexington for the last 30 years. He has studied the history of Arts and Crafts, Mission, and Prairie styles. He makes Mission style furninishings and specializes in joinery and finishing.
Mike Bonfert
Like many of us, Mike started woodworking in his Dad’s shop and continued on thru Jr and High School woodworking classes. He attended UK, studying Forestry and ended up staying in Lexington. His interests are woodturning and small case work but is always interested in trying something new. He enjoys getting new people started and encourages the use of hand tools and development of fundamental skills.
Jarrod Portwood
Jarrod was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky where woodworking is alive and well. His interest in working with wood grew out of his surroundings. As a law student at the University of Kentucky College of Law, Jarrod spends much of his free time researching and studying woodworking. Though he is somewhat new to the craft, he is extremely passionate about learning, applying and honing his woodworking skills. He is interested in Federal period furniture construction and restoration, as well as all aspects of woodturning.
Keith Hamilton
The greatest thing about Woodcraft is that it allows me to be around people who love what they do. It brings an inner joy to me when someone goes out of their way to share a project that they have put their heart into with me. Even without their knowledge they are passing along their happiness to all.
Dan Elam
Dan is from right here in Lexington. He attended Bryan Station High School and has a Telecommunications degree from the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications. He has worked for over 35 years in the electronics installation, repair and maintenance field. He has also worked extensively with various sound reinforcement applications, specializing in church sound systems.

His interest in woodworking began as a hobbyist, designing and building projects for practical uses. In recent years, he has built various large-scale projects for his children and clients, including a bed, a crib, cabinets and office furniture. He has also turned several hundred pens since becoming a Woodcraft employee in 2008 when the store opened.
Bob Proctor
Bob is the man behind the scenes. He teleports around the store and takes care of inventory and ordering. He's the man in the know!
Dick Miner
Dick is a native Kentuckian and has lived in Lexington for 23 years. He is an accomplished woodworker specializing in the design and construction of landscape structures such as outdoor kitchens, pergolas, gazebos, compost systems, greenhouses, garden fences, patios, decks, window boxes and planters. Dick is also no stranger to home remodeling having completed 5 remodel projects, the most recent being a $500,000, 3,600 sq ft addition/renovation in Lexington. He is also skilled at building cabinets with face frames using pocket hole joinery and running trim. An IBM retiree, Dick loves to work with customers to find creative solutions for all types of woodworking projects.
Mark Miller
My Grandfather's sawmill is where I got my first smell of sawdust. I went on to learn woodworking from my Father then on to get my BA from Western Kentucky University in Industrial Education. I worked in the kitchen and bath design software business before designing homes and supervising the drafting department for Ball Homes. I have now come full circle back to woodworking.

Wood turning is my passion as well as watching others get excited about a certain aspect of woodworking.