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Do you need something sharpened?  We have a sharpening service that picks up dull bits & blades and drops off the sharpened items every THURSDAY.  Make your items like new!  Includes table saw blades, jointer/planer knives, & router bits. Table saw blades have a one week turn around time & everything else takes two weeks. 




We are an authorized  Festool  dealer with nearly their full line of tools & dust collection products.

And we have a staff of experts to help you choose the right product for you!






Carving a Robed Gnome or Wizard with Jim Hanson

Sunday, September 14, 9:30am - 3:30pm

Gnomes and wizards, with their special magical powers, still fascinate the young at heart. Learn to create your own magical creature in this five-hour, hands-on class. Samples are on display at the store.

Tools Required: Bench Knife, Detail Knife, 2mm Or 3mm Parting Tool, #5 - 12mm Gouge, #6 - 8mm Gouge & Carving Glove

Prerequisites: Some carving experience or the Face Carving class.

Tuition: $90.00


Shop Layout & Set-up with Jeremy Nuttall

Thursday, September 18, 6pm - 8:30pm

Jeremy is a professional woodworker with years of shop experience. He will help you get your own shop set up right. Topics like electrical, lighting, tool selection & placement, and dust collection will be covered. After this class, you will be ready to set up an efficient shop. Bring something to write with & a notepad.

Tuition:  $55.00


Introduction to Woodworking: Make a Laminated Cutting Board with Jeremy Nuttall

Saturday, September 20, 9:30am - 4pm

In this hands-on class, you will be introduced to tools like the table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, spindle sander, and router. Students will construct a multi-colored cutting board using hardwoods like maple, beech, cherry, alder, purpleheart, yellowheart and padauk. General and machine safety, wood choice, and adhesive selection will be covered. And you will take home a cutting board fit for the finest gourmet kitchen!

Tools Required: Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection, note pad and a pencil.

Tuition:  $115.00



Introduction to Power Carving with Adam Panto

Thursday, September 25, 6pm - 8:30pm

There is more to power carving than most people think. In this demonstration class, Adam will cover Foredom and Dremel use, along with power carving techniques using angle grinders, die grinders, bandsaws, stationary belt sanders, and even a carving chainsaw! He will also cover safety, wood selection and design considerations. From wooden spoons to large sculpture, power carving can do it all!

Tuition: $55.00


Inlay Techniques with Adam Panto

Saturday, September 27, 9:30am - 4pm

Inlay adds class to any project, but it can be intimidating. In this hands-on class, Adam will show students how to create their own fancy wood inlay pieces and inlay them into wood.

Tools Required: Sharp wood chisels or carving tools, mallet, safety glasses and hearing protection.

Tuition: $105.00