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Woodcraft of Woburn

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781- 935-6414
781- 935-6454

185 New Boston Street
Woburn,MA 01801

Retail Store Pricing May Vary from Internet or Catalog Pricing

Hours of Operation

sunday 11AM - 4PM
monday 9AM - 7PM
tuesday 9AM - 7PM
wednesday 9AM - 7PM
thursday 9AM - 7PM
friday 9AM - 7PM
saturday 9AM - 6PM

Connect with Us

Dana Farmer Instructor

Dana Farmer;

Dana is a graduate of North Bennet St. School and Sole Proprietor of Dana Farmer Fine Woodworking.
Dana teaches several seminars including, Cabinet Making, Bench Tool Sharpening, Finishing, Cutting Boards, & Lathe

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