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9862 West Broad Street
Glen Allen, VA 23060

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sunday 12PM - 5PM
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2022 Arbor Day Tree Give-Away

As woodworkers we all know the importance of trees for our projects.  For 6 years we have celebrated our "roots" by giving away tree seedlings in celebration of Arbor Day and woodworking in general.  Make sure you stop in March 11-13 2022 and get your trees to plant at home.  This year we will have Red Maple, Pin Oak and River Birch trees.

Paraphrasing Warren Buffet "Someone's woodworking Today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Pin Oak (Quercus palustrus)

The pin oak grows best in full sunlight and wet yet well drained soils.  The tree can grow as much as 2 feet per year, will grow to 60 to 70 feet tall and provides dense shade.  Fall leaves turn a brilliant scarlet to bronze.  A member of the red oak group, the lumber makes beautiful indoor furniture.



Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

Red maples grow best in full sunlight on rich moist soils but is also drought tolerant.  The trees grow to about 40 to 60 feet tall and has amazing fall color from yellow to bright red.  Red maple is a soft maple so it is fairly easy to work and turn.  It is often found in musical instruments.



River Birch (Betula nigra)

As the name implies, river birch grows well along the banks of rivers and stream.  These fast growing trees can reach heights of 40 to 70 feet and grow well in medium to heavy sunlight.  The seeds are appreciated by a wide range of songbirds.  Birch is commonly used in plywoods and veneers.




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